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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lunch menu - sambar - masiyal - poriyal
So yet another weekend and time to post my lunch menu Happy. It was long time since I included greens, so bought keerai and made Masiyal with it which is also made after long time. This masiyal is so simple but tastes great. It has only 3 ingredients – keerai, garlic and salt. So simple right?  The raw garlic gives a spiciness to the masiyal, so no need for chilli. Mom makes this very often. MIL also makes the same way. Just mix with hot rice and ghee, its such a wonderful tasty and healthy thing to eat. Once when we went to my dad’s colleague’s home, they served keerai masiyal and they added sambar over it and asked us to mix and eat. We usually never do that. So it was quite weird to taste, but to our surprise it was nice too. They are from Thirunelveli, but their cooking is so similar to ours.
      I had one mango sleeping in the vegetable basket for long time, so wanted to finish it off. Also wanted to include something healthy to Vj, who has been going through a busy work time, least bothering about health, food and sleepSigh.   So made this vazhaithandu poriyal.
Here’s how I prepared the lunch. It would take hardly 1 hour.
  1. Pressure cook dal for sambar. Soak tamarind for sambar.
  2. Meanwhile the dal gets cooked, chop vazhaithandu / banana stem or plantain stem and mix with salt and moong dal and set aside.
  3. Clean and chop keerai (spinach) and cook for masiyal. Keep aside and cool it.
  4. Peel one garlic for masiyal and chop one onion for sambar. Cut the mango.
  5. Grate coconut for poriyal and keep other things like tamarind extract, curry leaves and red chilli ready.
  6. Now time to cook. Mean while heat kadai and first do the tempering and frying part for sambar and let sambar boil in a stove.
  7. Prepare poriyal and lastly keep rice hot for the lunch!

So here are the recipes that are in the meal :
  1. Keerai masiyal recipe
  2. Vazhaithandu poriyal recipe
  3. Mango sambar recipe
Other keerai recipes in Rak’s kitchen : Keerai kootu, keerai poriyal, keerai sambar and keerai vadai.
Other mango recipes : Mango sweet pachadi, mango rice, mango thokku, mango thogayal
Other vazhai thandu recipe : Vazhai thandu mor kootu

Happy tummyLove Struck Have great weekend!

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    would be grateful if you would follow toooo....

  2. wow... fantastic clicks.. nice presentation..

  3. Healthy and delicious lunch..looks so good

  4. Hi Raks , loved your menu :) I am quite a fan of your lunch menu(s) :)

    I've been longing to use "vazhaithandu" but don't how to pick the best one? Can you help me? Last time I bought one , it was too thick and the poriyal went flop.


    1. When u look at the cross section of vazhai thandu , u should probably see an outer ring inside which the edible stem will be there. The outer ring is more like a bark and cant be cooked. It can be peeled off easily. So look for one with less outer ring or tuin outer ring and it should be more or less white and should not have more brown spots. Hope I helped you a bit

  5. That is a big variety to choose from, but never had this Mango Sambhar before.

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  7. Nice we have learned a lot

  8. Hi super menu...yummy


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