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Gokulashtami 2016, Aug 25th

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

I love the authentic uppu seedai recipe that we always make for its unique flavor. But always fascinated by the store bought seedais like we get in adyar ananda bhavan or from other snack shops. They are whiter and ‘soft’ crisp than we make at home. So when I was breaking my head for what to try new for this year’s Gokulashtami 2013, my SIL(Anu) told this recipe, that her hubby making for past 4 years. When she told the recipe and method, it was too easy and I wanted to try it out. It came out very nice and golden crisp. So thought of posting as Krishna jayanthi is nearing. My SIL said this seedai have never burst so far. So this is a no burst seedai Blushing. Anyways, I was so precautionary when I was frying the seedais and recommend to do the same when you try too.
easy seedai recipe with maida

Maida seedai recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snacks
Prep Time: 15 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Makes: 2 cups


Maida/ All purpose flour - 2 cups

Butter, melted - 1 tblsp

Asafoetida powder - 1/4 tsp

Sesame seeds - 1 tblsp

Jeera (optional) - 1 tsp

Grated coconut(optional) - 2 tblsp

Coconut oil(optional) - 1 tsp

Salt - As needed

Oil - for deed frying


  1. In a clean white cloth, make a bag and steam it for 15 mins by keeping over the idli plate in a idli pot or if you know any other method, you can follow that too. But make sure the flour is cooked well properly. Otherwise there are chances of bursting.1-maida-seedai
  2. Once it warm enough to handle, break it roughly and after completely cooled down, grind in mixie without any lumps.2--maida-seedai
  3. In a bowl, mix the flour and other ingredients (except oil) using water, make a smooth dough. It should be non sticky, make sure not to add excess water.3-maida-seedai
  4. Roll gently into seedais without applying much pressure. If you want you can prick all the seedais with tooth pick. Heat oil and fry the seedais in medium flame for 8 to 10 mins. You can cook in high flame towards the end to bring the golden colour. Drain over paper towel. WARNING : Be at safe distance for precautionary measure anyways!4-maida-seedai


    • This seedai takes long time to cook. So cook in medium flame as mentioned.
    • As you drain the seedai, it may be soft but as it cools, it will become crisp.
    • You can fry the seedais in 2 batches.
    • Coconut oil or coconut adds a of flavour to the seedai.
    • Do not add butter more than mentioned, otherwise it may become soggy.
    • After you make the dough, make the seedais immediately, dont let it dry as it will make the seedais surface with white dots. So keep covered all the times.
    • Cool completely before storing in air tight container. Tastes best from the next day!
    • Take out the seedais when it starts turning golden , otherwise it will give burnt smell. My pics look more in contrast due to settings, but looks more lighter in shade than in pics.

Crisp, golden seedais are ready to enjoy!


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  1. Raks , I knew of preparing murukku using maida , never thought of seedai ! lovely i love the color combo !

  2. COmpared to rice version,tis is quite Good n easy recipe Raks...Definitely gonna try tis gokulashtami...

  3. Easy version...one more thing if possible can u please post the recipe of kancheepuram idli?

  4. we make them with chiroti rawa and they also do not burst and they are soft as well...looks delicious Raji

  5. Love this!!! I will be trying this soon :)

  6. its very different and love the cute seedai...

  7. seedai using maida looks great... nice clicks Raji

  8. Cute looking seedai, a different one. And is it the maida alone that has to be steamed in the idli cooker?

  9. Delicious it looks :)

  10. maida murukku we make n this seedai is really different and interesting...will definitely try this and let you know :) thanks for sharing....
    seedai looks cute n inviting..

  11. just now tried,came out well.thank u for the perfect recipe

  12. just now tried,came out well.thank u for the perfect recipe

    1. Wow thanks for trying out and leaving the feedback! :)

  13. Heard about this recipe..thanks for the stepwise pictures!
    //My pics look more in contrast due to settings, but looks more lighter in shade than in pics.//Yup..I was a bit curious about the pictures! :)

  14. this looks so good.. the pics are fab.. i just wish we could grab a few from the pic :)

  15. A great alternative to making with rice flour and to avoid the seedai from bursting.

  16. That's a nice one...Perfectly made seedais

  17. nice now never new the technique of steaming maida in idly cooker very nice got to try it.

  18. seedai came out well... thanks

  19. very cute and delicious ones....will try it soon..just came to know how to steam maida..very useful information...

  20. My mom used to make maida seedai..yours looks so perfect ..lovely clicks..

  21. I was searching for some recipes for Gokulashatmi and came across your site. I tried this recipe and it came out really well. It was crispy and tasty. I substituted jeera with ajiwain. Thanks for an easy and tasty recipe.

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback :)

  22. Planning to prepare this tomorrow. Can I prepare the maida a day before (steaming and all those stuff)?

  23. Hi

    I tried your recipe with the same proportion and it came out very well. Thanks for posting this easy and wonderful recipe.

  24. Looks very tempting.., will make this for the next Ashtami. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Hi Raks, as i promised tried this seedai today and it came out very well without bursting. Thanks for this wonderful recipe..I posted it on my space too :)

  26. you made my krishna jayanthi quite blissful!! this seedai turned out tasty and crispy...thanks a million!!

  27. Raks,tried tis..but still the center portion is soft :(.. i didnt alter any ingredients,i don knw wat went wrong!I've tried many of ur recipes,each time i got best results,but only tis time i failed...

  28. Raks I tried this for shri jayanthi this time.The first two batches came out well but after that the seedais started disintegrating in oil dont know why.I used the same proportions as mentioned by you.


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