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Monday, August 5, 2013

  Vegetable stock is not only healthy to use in your soups, but also adds flavour to your soups. I am not a soup person, that is lazy to prepare soup at home. Even at restaurants, I junk eat the other starters rather than a soup. There are sometimes when I feel like having soup, then only I like to have soup. I love rich and creamy soups as well as clear soups. Recently I am loving tomato basil bisque from subway. I wanted to try vegetable stock in some soup and see the taste difference and searched for vegetable stock at stores and sadly all the top brands arent vegetarianNot talking. So I had to try myself at home. And this stock recipe is one I adapted from an Italian cook book. So it may not be an Indian style stock recipe, but sure is healthy and  tasty. And I really don't know if there is Indian style stock recipe.

Vegetable stock recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Continental  |  Recipe Category: Starter
Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 1 hour     Makes: 3 cups


Carrot - 1

Cabbage - 4 leaves

Beans - 8

Celery - 2 stalks

Onion - 1

Tomato - 1

Salt - 1 pinch

Sugar - 2 pinches

Water - 5 cups


  1. Bring water to boil in a large vessel and add all the vegetables roughly chopped to it.When it boils, simmer the flame to lowest and cover cook for 45-60 mins.
  2. 1-broth
  3. Strain the vegetables by pressing down in a sieve or metal strainer and cool down completely.
  4. 2-stock


  • This vegetables are just a guidance and you can use the vegetables available in your fridge.
  • Its best way to use the left over veggies, to utilize it.
  • The recipe dint ask to fry any ingredient, so just boil as such!
You can store this stock in a container in fridge for 3 days or even freeze and use as when needed! Next post is a soup recipe obviously!

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  1. I love homemade vegetable stock..I always keep it in the fridge.. nice clicks

  2. I always use maggi ready made veg stock... need to prepare this...

  3. very flavorful and refreshing!!!

  4. lovely recipe. I also make it the same way

  5. a much needed one.. shd start making at home..

  6. Very useful post and i think in the indian version they add bay leaves while making stock. Vibrant clicks

  7. i tried vegetable stock long time back :) some how i did nt like it ! i should try with different veggies !

  8. good recipe and very handy actually..thanks for sharing Raks..

  9. essential stock for making delicious soups .....

  10. Anything home made is wonderful :) Love this simple stock recipe :)

  11. Wonderful post and clicks are great!

  12. Very useful post, i do mine the same way too.

  13. Wow helpul and useful post all food lovers and its homemade to.

  14. Very useful post..thanks for sharing it.

  15. Can the veggies be added to some other dish or they have to be simply thrown away? What do u normally do?

  16. Nice lighting and clicks, very useful post!

  17. easy and very quick and useful thank you for posting

  18. after extracting stock, what to do with the vegetables. can we use them to make soup ?

    1. You can use though it wont have any nutrients

  19. can I pressure cook the veggies?

  20. I am not sure what difference that could make taste wise, still, sounds like a good idea.


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