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Saturday, September 28, 2013

North indian lunch

This weeks menu, I tried my best to make it as north Indian lunch. And I enjoyed this plate of meal myself. Don't envy, you can prepare and enjoy too, that's why this lunch idea :) I rarely buy tindora / ivy gourd / kovakkai makes rare appearance in my kitchen. I am cooking this for only the second time. Though I love this veggie, no body else likes it. And when ever I take a pack of kovakkai, Vj gives me a weird look, so I keep it back. But this time, I really wanted to make it for myself so bought a pack. And I loved it with triangle roti paratha. And the semiya kesari I made especially for this post, I am sure Vj gonna enjoy this when he is back from office. I got this recipe from my friend and this will be my next post too. So here is how I prepared this meal.

North Indian lunch idea

Recipe Cuisine:Indian   |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 30 mins     |  Cook time: 1 H  |  Serves: 3

  1. Soak rice for pulao, atleast 30 mins. Mean while chopping works and grinding works. Clean, chop tindora.
  2. Clean coriander, peal garlic, onion, ginger and gather ingredients to grind for pulao. Grind it and keep aside.
  3. Cut onions for pulao, curry and raita.
  4. Stove work : Prepare pulao in a small pressure cooker. Let it get cooked and prepare tindora curry over the other stove.
  5. When both are done, prepare the semiya kesari. It is a very easy recipe which will be ready in minutes, will share it soon as promised.
  6. Prepare raita, toast papad and lastly spicy masala chaas (will share the recipe next week as well). 

Triangle roti paratha, tindora curry, baby corn pulao, vermicelli kesari

Serve everything in a plate and enjoy yourself along with your family. A filling and satisfying meal!
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  1. hi
    when you post semiya kesari recipe can you
    also post pineapple kesari?good looking pics!
    Keep encouraging us to cook well.

  2. Very nice spread and a balanced meal..

  3. thats a beautiful plate raji . loved it completely

  4. Lovely menu, looks delicious and yummy.

  5. very colorful....yummy too...

  6. Raji that is such a lovely spread, but what about the roti when did you make that, couldn't find the roti prep work in any of the steps mentioned


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