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Gokulashtami 2016, Aug 25th

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

rasam powder recipe

I always wanted to try Rasam powder at home. But buy either aachi rasam powder or MTR rasam powder. MIL makes rasam powder and uses for a month. Her version is a coarse powder version which has no dal in it. Mom makes rasam powder just for the day freshly. I saw this recipe in my cook book mom gave me, so wanted to give it a try. Last week I tried and it was really good. So wanted to share it here. I will sure here after make my own rasam powder at home, because homemade powder is more flavourful and so unique and smell homely!
rasam powder ingredients

Rasam powder recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe category:  Lunch 
Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins    Makes: 1 cup


Coriander seeds - 3/4 cup

Red chilli (long variety) - 20

Toor dal - 1/4 cup

Channa dal - 1/4 cup

Black pepper - 3 tblsp

Cummin seeds - 3 tblsp

Hing - 1/2 tsp


  1. Dry roast red chilli,hing (if solid. Refer notes), channa dal and toor dal first until dals are golden in colour. Roast in medium flame with constant frying. Transfer to a plate for cooling and then roast coriander seeds and pepper until fragrant.1-rasam-powder-recipe
  2. Once the coriander seeds is roasted well, it lends a great flavour. Now add jeera lastly. Fry until it starts popping. Cool everything completely.2-rasam-powder-recipe
  3. Powder it to a fine powder in a mixer and store in an airtight container.3-homemade-rasam-powder


    • I used solid hing so roasted along the ingredients together. If powder, you can add it towards end while roasting to prevent burning.
    • Can be stored for a month if handled properly in an airtight container.
    • If you want you can add turmeric in this powder. I add turmeric to rasam only if needed.

Use this rasam powder and see the difference of the aroma it lends to rasam!


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  1. Very nice post..Have never tried making at home.. I use the mtr one and we all love it..My mom used to send me a stock of this though she has given me the recipe for it..my rasam powder is ground a little coarsely..

  2. i never buy rasam powder raks ! always home made they are the best !

  3. Very nice post, I never tried this one before.. will surely give it a try...


  4. very useful back to basic post.. nice flavourful powder slightly different from my mums one

  5. very useful back to basic post.. nice flavourful powder slightly different from my mums one

  6. Very nice. And it is very useful also. We can try it rather than using ready powder. And Kindly post the recipe of sambar powder and also garam masala powder... Thanks....

    1. I already have both the recipes, please find it in recipe index.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Very helpful post.... Never tried in home...

  9. homemade rasam powder are always best....lovely presentation of spices..love the addition of kati perugayam..it must be flavorful podi..

  10. Homemade is always more flavorful & better than store bought ones.. My mom adds curry leaves too to this.. Looks nice !

  11. Homemade podis are always flavourful...looks great!

  12. nice and useful post.. :) Love all your recipes and I follow most of them in my cooking... !!

  13. flavorful powder......awesome clicks

  14. flavourful rasam powder. Thanks for sharing

  15. Super flavoruful posdi, nothing can beat the aroma of this home made rasa podi

  16. Homemade is always the best! Aromatic and flavorful podi.

  17. I too never tried rasam powder but this is in my to do list...Aromatic Podi, love Rasam with this flavorful podi..will try it soon :)

  18. Lovely flavorful rasam powder

  19. I appreciate that you took time to compile and posting to the web site. I just did Rasam Powder and yet to test. My mother recipe and your recipe matched the item and qty. I will be using this web site to make other item. One suggestion is that .. I want all the powder in one place under Recipe Index. I see only 2 podi in one place and other sambar and rasam powder in one place.

    I thank you for taking your time and making this site good.

  20. Nice post. Could you please tell the difference of the Rasam powder and the Sambhar powder . I feel the ingredients are same for the both. Expecting the reply ASAP.

  21. Will be better if similar measuring units are mentioned. Can make comparative ideas. How does cup equate to tblspoon?

  22. Hiii...ur one cup measures howmuch in ml?

  23. Hi, tried this and made rasam today. Perfect taste! Thanks for posting.

  24. Learnt a new podi...lookings awesome Thanks a lot rak's. .. keep posting...


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