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Thursday, September 19, 2013


I make pizza very often at home, atleast once in a month!  Aj just loves it. Vj is not a big fan. I too love pizzas, be it ordered or homemade. If its left over, I will also eat (and feel guilty laterDoh). If any kids come home, I just make this and they too love it. This pizza dough recipe is such a keeper. I have been using this same until now. Same as in my first  homemade pizza and in the paneer tikka pizza . It comes out perfect and the measurements are so precise. Soft and stays soft even after cooling down and above all homemade!


This spicy pizza is an inspiration from pizza hut’s Spicy veggie pizza. Vj likes Dominos pizza, but Aj loves only pizza hut pizzas. So Vj’s choice will be this spicy veggie pizza. Though its different from the one I tried, the concept of using chilli and zucchini, I grabbed from that. They use a spicy sauce with thai red chilli padi. But I used as topping and used cayenne pepper. Its not too spicy,  but its mildly spicy. And I have tasted zucchini in my life first time only in the spicy veggie pizzas and loved it. So I thought of trying at home. Zucchini and cheese are made for each other and goes well with pizzas. Now a days I am sure in India also we get these zucchini. Sometimes we get colourful zucchini here – green, red and yellow. I used green. So when you are making for kids, you can use the colourful zucchini together in pizzas to make it appealing.


Spicy veggie Pizza recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snack
Prep Time: 1 Hr dough resting time    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Makes: 1 large pizza


All purpose flour/ Maida  1 & 1/2 cup 
Instant Yeast *  1 tsp 
Milk  1/4 cup 
Water  1/4 cup (approx.) 
Olive oil  1/8 cup 
Salt  3/4 tsp 
Sugar  1 & 1/2 tsp 

*You can replace with active dry yeast – 1 tblsp

For topping

Pizza cheese/ Mozzarella,
3/4 cup
Onion, tomato, capsicum and zucchini As needed, chopped
Red ripe chilli (Cayenne pepper) 1
Pasta sauce 2 tblsp


  1. In a bowl, mix flour, salt and yeast. Mix milk and water and heat it just luke warm. Dissolve sugar in it. Now add this milk and olive oil to the flour and mix.1-pizza
  2. Make a smooth dough. Knead for 5 minutes. Keep aside covered with a cling wrap. Preferably in a warm place. I keep inside the oven with oven light ON. After an hour or 1 & 1/2 hour, the dough would have doubled and risen.2-homemade-pizza
  3. Preheat the oven to 200 deg.C . Get the toppings ready. Knead again the dough smoothly and in a well floured surface, roll out into thick pizza (dust the surface generously if sticky). Just make the sides like a rim. Transfer this to a well greased and sprinkled with some flour pizza pan.3-pizza-recipe
  4. Spread pasta sauce inside the rim and spread some half of the grated cheese, I used mixed cheese.4-homemade-pizza
  5. Arrange the toppings as desired in pattern or just toss the toppings here and there and cover with the remaining grated cheese.5-pizza-recipe
  6. Bake for 14 - 15 minutes in a preheated oven until the cheese melts and pizza turns golden in colour. The pizza should move freely in the pan, with which you can check if its cooked perfectly.6-pizza


    • I used instant yeast – which has to be mixed with the flour and kneaded.. But if you are using other yeasts, you have to dissolve the yeast in luke warm milk in step 1. Keep the yeast solution for 5 minutes so that it will become frothy. This ensures the yeast is active. If it has not become frothy even after 10 mins, then you yeast is not good enough to bake. So  do not proceed making pizza, otherwise you may end up in hard pizzas or smelly pizzas.
    • Do not skip sugar.
    • You can use 50 50 wheat flour and all purpose flour too.
    • Water quantity is approximate and just use it as only a guidance and adjust accordingly.
    • The dough should be soft and pliable and not stiff to get a soft pizza.
    • Feel free to use your own toppings.
    • More cheese = more tasty, but do not overload, otherwise, centre of the pizza will be looking white and gooey.
    • Do not roll too thick, remember, the dough will rise a bit while baking too.

Here we go with homemade soft and delicious pizza that will melt in your mouth and kids would love each and every bite of it.

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  1. Raji Tempting ! Yes here we are getting zucchini infact different colors too ! Tell me is the base is hard or soft (pizza base after baked )

  2. Looks yum and inviting ....love pizza anyday

  3. Good one..long time I made at home..now you have tempted me enough!

  4. Super tempting pizza. Wish i could have a bite. Never tried zuchinni in cooking

  5. like lighting here :) the base looks soft raji.. nice idea to use zucchini..

  6. Have to try pizza very soon. So tempting :)

  7. would love 2 grab a slice , ....looks yumm

  8. looks so inviting.. Love to have a slice

  9. The pizza looks so cheesy and yum Raks

  10. Delicious and vibrant looking pizza. Must have tasted delicious as well.

  11. Excellent and mouthwatering pizza.... Pics look delicious.

  12. Perfectly made pizza.. looks great :)

  13. Pizza looks so cheesy and tempting..Gorgeous clicks

  14. Homemade pizzas are the best.Lovely presentation.


  15. The pic was so mouth watering on the reader, had to come and see for myself!
    One question: How do you get the rim effect? Have tried it, it doesn't seem right after the bake though.

    1. I sometimes fold roll it. But while baking it gets unfolded and look so wierd. So this time just with my palm I patted the edges towards inside. I am not able to describe it precisely.

  16. Pizza is looking sooo yummy.may i know what brand of yeast are you using and where can iget it.last time which i bought was not good...sopleasehelp me

    1. I used bake king instant yeast.

    2. what oven do u use... company and model no pls

    3. what oven do u use.. company n model number pls

    4. It's Panasonic dimensions 4 built in oven

  17. i must try this base recipe from you.

  18. Wow, so tempting pizza it is.. Guess I should try this out soon !!

  19. I love all your recipes especially your South Indians ones. I also have tried your new recipes and they worked out perfectly for me. Thanks a lot!

  20. Spicy and colorful,great pics dear.

  21. Yummy! Love this pizza recipe, will sure to make it tomorrow :) Thanks

  22. @ Raks,

    Pizza looks amazing! You do punch the dough and then spread it out right? Sometimes i fill cheese in the rim and fold it in...Thats even more yummy!!! Great clicks Raks, I love zucchini as a vegetable as it can be easily cooked/roasted!


  23. Zucchini toppings sounds a best way to sneak this zero calorie veggie, droolworthy pizza.

  24. delicious mouthwatering pizza.

  25. Perfect recipe for the pizza dough. This is my first attempt on the pizza dough and it was great. Thanks a ton. Keep up your great work...

  26. Perfect recipe for the pizza dough. This is my first attempt on the pizza dough and it was great. Thanks a ton. Keep up your great work...

  27. super yummy pizza.... very very appetizing one....well explained Raji

  28. Your pizza dough recipe is a keeper, I vouch for it! We tried making a double cheese margherita this weekend and I rolled out my base using my hands. Did it much thinner than yours...it was amazing! My hubby liked it so much that he wanted to do it again on Monday...although I must say, my dough never doubled or rose. My yeast is pretty fresh too. Planning to try again letting the yeast rise first before mixing it in the flour.

  29. Should we use cling wrap to cover the dough for raising. Can't we keep the dough in an air-tight container? Please help.

  30. Looks very tempting esp the 1st click! Love all the clicks

  31. Raks, Nice recipe , I tried it once and the taste was real good.. However, the base was not cooked properly in the middle and the edges became brown and crispy. Can you please tell me if there is any specific mode that we should use for baking / cooking. I see that we have grill, fan grill, fan bake in my oven. Please suggest.

    1. Sorry no idea. I used convection mode.

  32. Hi ,
    is it 1tblspn yeast or 1tspn yeast

  33. Awesome recepi of pizza dough!!!

  34. We tried first time and more that satisfied with the taste. Will make better next time as we gain experience. Thnx Rax

  35. i am from Chennai ... is it possible to make good pizza in microwave oven ... do i need any special equipment (i read some where pizza stone is needed) if that is the case where can i get those equipment in Chennai .... do i need any change in recipes for microwave...


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