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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Besan ladoo recipe ! I have made 3 times before this, first time for my in laws. It became a funny incident when I made that and passed it to my BIL when he visited here to Singapore. My in laws have not tasted this besan ka laddu before. And I made and arranged in a box with a garnish too like I have did in my Atta ladoo recipe. It looked so beautiful - that’s when I arranged. I referred some site which called for some amount of ghee to be added while roasting and I followed it exactly. But by the time my Bro-in-law reached Chennai, they found all the ladoos in the shape of a peda. And being un familiar to the mithai, they thought it as some local Singaporean sweet we get here and I had bought and passed it to themRolling Eyes. Then I thought ghee is more and the next time also when I tried it happed the same way. So this time, I followed our method of adding ghee to the flour while mixing and not while roasting. And it worked too. This way, we can control the amount of ghee we adding.
But keep this in mind that all North Indian mithais are about ghee mainly and the ghee taste should be there. So you cannot make it so dry like rava ladoo. I love the shiny version too, but always loved the way Haldiram’s laddu looks. So I wanted to make it look like that.


Besan ladoo recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweet
Prep Time: 20 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Makes: 10


Besan / Chickpea flour/ Kadalai maavu  1/2 cup 
Powdered sugar  1/2 cup 
Ghee  1/4 cup minus 1 tblsp 
Elachi  2 
Nuts(optional)  For Garnish 


  1. Roast besan well in medium flame with constant stirring until it turns deep golden brown in colour. Take care not to burn the flour, as well as make sure roasted well. Cool down and sieve it well.
  2. 1-besan-laddu
  3. Powder sugar with elachi and add to the roast flour in a mixing bowl. Melt ghee and add the hot ghee to it.
  4. 2-besan-ladoo
  5. Mix well with a spatula and when it is warm enough to handle, make ladoos.
  6. 3-besan-ladoo


    • At one stage the flour starts browning at the bottom of the pan, so keep stirring carefully without letting it burn.
    • If not roasted properly, then the raw smell of besan and taste of besan will not be pleasant.
    • You can add upto 1/4 cup ghee for this recipe to get SHINY ladoos. I dint wanted it to look shiny, so I had hold 1 tblsp ghee.
    • You can also add the ghee to the flour while frying and just add the powdered sugar to it and make ladoos.
    • Ghee is the only flavor that brings taste to the ladoos, so never reduce it than mentioned.

It is perfect mithai to make in bulk and to gift for this Diwali. Keep checking for more traditional and exciting recipes here!


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  1. That is beautiful.. Simple and delicious laddu looks so picture perfect and drool worthy!!!

  2. Looks yumm.. I have learnt it in a different way by making besan pooris from a maharashtrian friend...have it in my blog..

  3. I remember I burnt the mixture when I was trying to make besan laddos as experiment, The recipe called for adding powdered sugar into the pan, and I added sugar grains which burnt up the whole mixture, More than 10yrs now lolz, My house filled with aroma then started giving all burnt smell around :P

  4. i have tried this besan ladoo befr 3 months but i couldn get the shape of ladoo..after reading your recipe ingredients i understood that i ve added too much of ghee.. :)

  5. One of fav I make this for other ppl too...and do same way add ghee later ...nice pics

  6. Ladoo looks delicious....love the flavour of it

  7. thats a lovely ladoo ! looking great !

  8. beautiful ladoo.. Nice clicks

  9. love besan laddus and you made them so perfectly.

  10. Omg, am laughing after the reading the funny incident about those laddoo pedas..lolz..

    Cute looks beauties..

  11. I tried this very long back in a different method..Must try again to update :) pretty pics as usual !

  12. Gorgeous Ladoo's !! Nicely done !!

  13. very nice raks the ball looks perfect will def try it out.

  14. Laddu has come out perfect and delicious.

  15. way too sweet for me,reduced the sugar and it was perfect...

  16. Thks raks!! Laddoo came out very well! Yayyy ����

  17. Came out very well! Thx raks!!

  18. Superb recipe. I followed your steps and my ladoos were of perfect taste and texture. Thanks raks. Received lots of praises. Thanks again

  19. Hi,
    I tried my culinary skills for the first time with sweets and they came out very well..Lots of compliments received as well..quite simple and easy to make...kudos

  20. Looks scrumptious and easy to make too...thanks to share with us!!!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Can I try this with butter instead of ghee?

    1. Ghee works the best.

    2. You can't use butter instead of ghee in cooking gram flour dish ladoo because it make less smoothy and tastey

  23. When i try to make gram flour dish ladoo i ever fail to change in ladoo shape.

  24. Can I use readymade powdered sugar? Instead of grinding?


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