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Saturday, October 5, 2013


One of my favourite kuzhambu is this poondu kuzhambu. Even Vj is a fan of this. My MIL says he even peels garlic and helps her in making this kuzhambu. Now a days no surely Winking. But I wanted to make it for long time and was waiting to buy the small poondu that we get in India. For past two years mom got me lot of this garlic, but this time I said no, as more than half getting spoiled. So I got it from Mustafa last week. This garlic is more fragrant than the malai poondu which is more big. Though its so easy to peel that and use that, I prefer this one more, mainly for its fragrance and texture. The malai poondu gets soft when cooked which I dont like.  And coming to the poriyal I made as accompaniment, its best for tangy spicy kuzhambu as its very mild. I usually make it with purple cabbage, this time made with regular cabbage itself. I just love it to have it as such. If you have not tried this one so far, I strongly recommend you to try this one. Its one of the under rated recipes here. But perfect when you host guests as it will give so much volume and tasty, unique too that, it will make your guest wonder.
Here is how I prepared the meals.

Lunch menu 21 (South Indian lunch recipes)

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 30 mins     |  Cook time: 40 mins    |  Serves: 3
  1. Pressure cook rice and potato for curry. Soak the macaroni for poriyal. Tamarind for kuzhambu and rasam.
  2. Mean while peel garlic and small onion (shallots) for the kuzhambu. It takes under 20 mins as the cooker work is done, you can finish this.
  3. Chop cabbage and cook it in a stove, mean while cut onion, green chilli for poriyal and curry. Chop tomatoes for rasam.
  4. Make other things ready too like curry leaves and coriander leaves. By now the cabbage would have got cooked.
  5. Extract tamarind jucie and grate coconut for the poriyal. If pressure is released in the cooker, get the potatoes peeled and cubed for curry.
  6. Now, on to the stove work. Heat kadai, first for kuzhambu, finish tempering, fry onion garlic and transfer to another vessel and boil the kuzhambu( add all required).
  7. Then for rasam too, temper, sautee tomatoes and transfer to another stove to let it boil. If you have only two burners, just finish the rasam.
  8. After rasam, prepare poriyal, it will be done quick. And lastly potato curry. It takes some time to get roasted, mean while which you can clear the kitchen. That’s it done.

poondu kuzhambu potato curry tomato rasam cabbage poriyal rice appalam
Lunch with poondu kuzhambu, cabbage macaroni poriyal, thakkali rasam and potato curry. Check the recipes below following the links given.
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Have a Happy weekend!Happy

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  1. Cabbage and macroni poriyal is so unique, love the whole spread..

  2. Love the way you have provided the step-by-step procedure. It certainly helps save lot of time :)

  3. Lovely and comforting looking dishes.


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