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Saturday, October 19, 2013

North Indian parathas This week, for a change, its a meal with paratha basket. This idea from my friend Sangeeta. She asked me to post bread basket. But Since I have only Naan recipe in my blog, I thought let me make it as a Paratha basket. As far as this week’s meal menu is concerned, its all about revisiting recipes and bringing some unsung hero recipes to spot light. And once I made this today, I sat and ate and then only stated to type this postWinking. Now I am full tummy! Its Aloo paratha, gobi paratha, palak paratha, mooli paratha and Cabbage paratha with boondi raita, tomato dip, pickle,  chaas and gulab jamun. Mooli paratha, I followed a different method of adding the radish to the dough instead the recipe I posted. I will share this method later in future. And the tomato garlic dip here is a perfect side dish for paratha. check it out. So without much stories, let me move on to the preparation.

Lunch menu 23 (North Indian lunch recipes)

Recipe Cuisine:Indian | Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 30 mins | Cook time: 40 mins | Serves: 4
  1. First, prepare dough for the 2 stuffed Parathas with 1 cup of wheat flour. Keep a side. Grate 1 radish and mix it with salt and keep aside.
  2. Grate cauliflower for gobi paratha. Finely chop cabbage for cabbage paratha. Clean spinach and chop it for palak paratha.
  3. Next boil 1 potato for aloo paratha. I usually microwave it for 2 minutes and use it for aloo paratha.
  4. Clean and chop coriander leaves for the parathas. If you are adding green chillies to any, then finely chop that as well. Keep the other ingredients like garam masala, red chilli powder, jeera, ajwain ready to add to the dough for the various parathas.
  5. Get ready with 3 bowls for mixing dough for the 3 different parathas and 2 small bowls for keeping aloo stuffing and gobi stuffing.
  6. Then prepare the gobi stuffing and transfer to the bowl. Make aloo stuffing also ready.
  7. Heat a kadai and fry palak for palak paratha. Add it to a vessel. add all the other ingredients needed for the paratha and keep aside.
  8. Take the ingredients needed for cabbage paratha in one of the mixing bowl, top with flour and squeeze the radish and take it along with other ingredients in another mixing bowl.
  9. All the ingredients means – add salt, masala powders, oil and the corresponding veggie along with flour. 1 cup or 3/4 th cup is enough. So you need the veggies also accordingly less in amount.
  10. Mean while, you can soak boondi for boondi raita and preapare and keep aside. Prepare the tomato dip too and keep aside.
  11. Prepare chaas and keep it chilled.
  12. Once everything ready, at the time of lunch, make the dough by adding water to the prepared mix we have kept ready.
  13. And make parathas and keep hot in a hot pack.


 Cut the parathas and serve in a basket, mixed so that everyone can enjoy this mixed paratha basket. I served with Gulab jamun as dessert, but its optional. Chaas is very much needed to end this meal, so make sure you serve it chilled along with the meals.
Here are the links to the recipes
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  6. Tomato garlic dip
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You can browse the paratha recipes fully here.
Have a great weekend Happy.

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  1. Fantastic platter. I wish i can order this for todays dinner :)

    1. Exactly d same thing i tout ..

  2. Super tempting paratha basket...looks very appetising...kalakita poo as usual :)

  3. Thank you my dear friends :)

  4. All variety is super it's tempting

  5. wow, lovely platter...great effort...

  6. Lot of effort, but you have made it look so simple :-)

  7. very enticing spread and a great basket!! this is the best I have seen so far...well done.

  8. you always rock with ur recipe raji

  9. Awesome platter Raks :) as usual u do stunning lunch menus.. hats off to your effort this is sure an interesting post

  10. Stunning platter n pics. You're an inspiration for many ppl to cook

  11. Also waiting for ur chaas recipe

  12. hats off for making so many varieties on one day!!

  13. Hats off to your effort, love your lunch menus and this Paratha Basket is stunning...

  14. cannot even imagine the effort you put on this whole recipe post - cook,snap, edit, post...omg you are grt Raji...

  15. Absolutely awesome. These days it has become my routine to visit yr website to learn new and innovatove recipes. Keep rocking/

  16. Very nice. I should make it a point not to look your website late in the evening because I get hungry :)

    Peace :)

  17. The yummy food along with your tempting pics,,,its inviting me to the fabulous world of cooking..!!! Right now i just graze at the pics.. ;) :P hope i get to try them soon..!!! Awesome recipes and great Photography skills..!!!

  18. yummy food..!! Tempting pics..!! Its inviting me to the fabulous world of cooking..!!! hope i take the next step of trying them rather than grazing at the pics :) ;) which i'm doing now ;) :P Awesome innovations and great photography skills ..!! :)


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