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Sunday, November 10, 2013

south indian lunch recipes

First of all really sorry for absconding just like that for past 3 weeks. Also with Diwali around, I was busy with that and I know most of you will be busy as well. That’s why Big Grin. I meant to post this lunch menu yesterday, somehow caught up with other works. So here is the lunch menu again kick started with this simple south Indian lunch. Simple yet tempting I must say, with my personal favourite recipes. Always it is exciting to have a varuval in the lunch. So here is how I prepared this lunch.
  1. Wash the colacasia (arbi/ seppenkizhangu) well two or three times. I have a small pressure cooker, so I pressure cooked arbi (seppenkizhangu) with enough water to immerse it for 3 whistles. If you add less water it will get mashed up. So make sure you add water to immerse it properly. I choose all same sized for this.
  2. Once done, in the same cooker, pressure cooked toor dal for sambar. If you want keep rice also side by side for the lunch, I prefer to keep rice at last if its a weekend, as I prefer to eat hot. But if you want to finish up things fast, do side by side. Soak tamarind in hot water too.
  3. Mean while, you can clean and cut drumstick first and let it boil in water, clean and chop ladies finger. Toss it with 2 tblsp sesame oil and in a microwave safe glass bowl, microwave for 3-5 minutes (depends on the power of the microwave) stirring often to ensure even cooking. This saves time and reduces oil usage. This is to reduce the slime, you can do the same in a kadai in stove top too.
  4. Chop 2 onion each for curry, sambar and a tomato for sambar. Keep ready the curry leaves, red chillies  needed for this cooking. Peel and slice arbi and mix it with the other ingredients required for the fry.
  5. Now on to the stove work. First temper for sambar and fry onion tomatoes and transfer to the boiling drumstick. Add tamarind juice, extracted from the soaked tamarind. Add required other ingredients for sambar and let it continue boiling.
  6. Now prepare curry. It takes some time to prepare curry as we need to fry it for long time till oil seperates. By then sambar will be over too.
  7. Lastly if not keep rice and fry varuval too. Keep curd or more and pickle ready and the lunch is ready for your family!
murungakkai sambar, arbi fry and ladies finger curry

Here is what we see in the picture – steamed rice, drumstick sambar (murungakkai sambar), vendakkai curry (ladies finger curry ), seppankizhangu varuval (crispy arbi fry) and curd, pickle. Check out the links for the recipes below :
  1. Basic sambar recipe (here its with drumstick)
  2. Vendakkai curry recipe
  3. Seppankizhangu varuval recipe
You may be also interested in other sambar recipes – keerai sambar recipe, mango sambar recipe, arachuvitta samabr recipe.

Other curry recipes please browse here.

Check out other varuval recipes like crispy ladies finger fries, crispy cauliflower fries and crispy bitter gourd fries.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend Happy .

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  1. Yummy and filling lunch menu...makes me hungry

  2. nice platter
    i am waiting for ur masala chass recipe

  3. Yes always love the plate with sambar and yummy sidedishes....

  4. Makes me drool even after having my lunch.

  5. Tasty lunch. Me too waiting for chaas recipe

  6. yum yum!! very homey and comforting!!

  7. Will try to make this meal for tonight, since I have arbi, okra and drumsticks at home. :)

  8. divine combo...love ur presentation..

  9. I love this lunch menu.. Looks delicious.. beautiful clicks raks :)


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