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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Today, actually I planned for something else. I thought of mixing breakfast menu in between my lunch menu series and thought to start it this weekend with a breakfast menu. But then changed the plan as Vj planned to go office after lunch today. So cooked a full meals and clicked today. I will picture some breakfast menu ideas next in week and post. I wanted to make it a restaurant style meals this time, as I have posted already the authentic full meals in thalai vazhai ilai. So just added a chapati, thakkali kuzhambu and skipped the paruppu. I thought of keeping karuvepilai podi in this menu that I already had, but forgot. This lunch menu, though it looks elaborate, I kept things simple – like masala vadai, lemon rasam, carrot poriyal, and all these things, I made in less quantity as its only for 3 of us. I also used large onion in place of small onion for thakkali kuzhambu and used ready made coconut milk for it to reduce work. Like this, when doing an alaborate meal, that is with number of side dishes, I use some short cuts to keep it simple and myself cool. So here is how I prepared for this week’s lunch menu.
This menu has – triangle chapati, potato sambar, tomato kuzhambu, lemon ginger rasam, cauliflower curry, carrot poriyal, yellow pumpkin kootu, semiya payasam, masala vadai, papad, pickle and curd.
  1. Soaked channa dal for masal vadai when I entered the kitchen for breakfast works. Then after breakfast work over, when I entered the kitchen for preparing lunch, Kept toor dal and moong dal in separate containers in the pressure cooker. Prepared dough for chapati.
  2. Mean while, I prepared for the thakkali kuzhambu – boiled water and kept the tomato immersed in it for a minute. Mean while, cleaned and cut cauliflower. After taking out the tomatoes, I kept the cauliflower immersed in the hot water with salt.
  3. Chop other items – carrot, yellow pumpkin, a potato for sambar. Chopped tomatoes for sambar and cauliflower curry. Chopped onion for kuzhambu, sambar, poriyal, curry and vadai. Grate coconut for poriyal and kootu. I used ready made coconut milk for my thakkali kuzhambu. Cut lemon for rasam.
  4. Boiled yellow pumpkin for kootu and carrot for poriyal. By now dal cooker would have been done. So put rice inside and cook it.
  5. Now prepared payasam in a stove. I prepare payasam in the beginning to give it some standing time, so even if it gets thick, you can add milk and make it loose while you re-heat.
  6. Grind for kootu. Then to the frying part. First prepare kootu, and temper it and finish that work. Kootu ready.
  7. Then rasam. This lemon rasam is the simplest of all. Just 2 minutes and rasam is done.
  8. Temper and fry for sambar and let it boil in a stove. Then temper for kuzhambu and let it boil in another stove.
  9. Then carrot poriyal also will get done so easily. Lastly cauliflower curry as it needs some time.
  10. Kuzhambu and sambar also you should be able to finish side by side.
  11. Lastly grind for vada. Since masala vadai, its easier than urad dal vadai in terms of grinding. Prepare vada and fry papad. I soaked 3/4th cup of dal and got around 9 vadas.
  12. Get curd and pickle ready and when you are gonna eat, make chapati.
    Lunch is ready!
    You can see - triangle chapati, potato sambar, tomato kuzhambu, lemon ginger rasam, cauliflower curry, carrot poriyal, yellow pumpkin kootu, semiya payasam, masala vadai, papad, pickle and curd.
    Check out the links for the recipes
    1. Triangle chapati
    2. Potato sambar recipe(Check this arachuvitta sambar recipe)
    3. Thakkali kuzhambu recipe
    4. Lemon ginger rasam recipe
    5. Yellow pumkin kootu (similar to this bottle gourd kootu)
    6. Cauliflower curry recipe
    7. Carrot poriyal (carrot beans poriyal recipe)
    8. Semiya payasam recipe
    9. Masala vadai recipe
    Check out the other kuzhambu recipes.
    Meet you all next week with some other interesting menu!
    Have a great weekendHappy.

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    1. kalaketenga raks.. chance ill a. super click and super recipe...

    2. Awesome.Your lunch menu is inviting.will try this menu.

    3. I saw this on FB and had to come across to say that I have lunch envy now! Looks so amazing, I can almost smell it from London!

    4. How much time did it take to prepare the full meals???

    5. Tempting full meals...grt pics:)

    6. Tempting full meals...grt pics:)

    7. OMG! too good, wish I were your neighbour. :)

    8. super clicks..... Love your menu...

    9. Wonderful Lunch menu with clear clicks

    10. wow...so many things you have made for lunch...superb combo and wonderful clicks...

    11. Hii Raks, i am following your website from a long time. Must Say !!! Your website is a best place for wonderful south Indian recipes!!!

    12. Every Saturday morning naan check panra 1st FB update, Raks Kitchen Lunch Menu :) Really you rock with your lunch combo, this full meals platter looks superb!

    13. Wow... so nice. Your family is so lucky to taste all this :-)

    14. lovely and delicious spread raji, wish I could be there to taste :)

    15. too gud ya raks :) the hard work and your passion has no limits :) good going :)

    16. i really love the Indian style, different food presented in a tray beautifully ... thanks for sharing :)

    17. KalyANa Samayal SAdham, kAigaRiyum pramAdham.
      Nice combination of foods and great presentation.
      Peace :)

    18. fabulous spread...love it....

    19. All the meals series were excellent. Whn u have time, just tell us how to make Obattu. I guess its mainly a Kannada dish. thanks

    20. seeing your pics wants me to attend lunch at a south indian wedding raji.. :)

    21. Aww pathale pasikuthe...who can say no to such colorful full meals!!

    22. Wow...that's an awesome lunch....pass on the platter please :)

    23. Tried ur recipe! Its awesome!Thanks a ton !

    24. Tried ur recipe! Its awesome!Thanks a ton !


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