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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kathigai pori recipe, nel pori urundai recipe - In this post, you can learn how to make nel pori urundai in detailed step by step and full video guidance. I posted arisi pori urundai recipe 5 years back for Karthigai deepam. As I have mentioned in that post, my mom and MIL makes arisi pori urundai only as snack and they dont offer that to God. They make nel pori and aval pori urundai and offer it. My mom and MIL are not keen about making balls, they just mix and make it as crumbles. Only arisi pori will be made as balls. Since I dint had nel pori that time, without any choice I made with arisi pori that time and posted. So thought of posting this authentic karthigai pori for this years post. You can follow the same method for aval pori too. Now a day we get nel pori and aval pori at local shops, so you can hunt for it for this Thirukarthigai / Karthigai deepam 2013 which is on this weekend, 16th saturday being Barani karthigai, and 17th sunday is periya karthigai. Karthigai deepam 2016 date - Dec 12th (Monday)

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This whole month, mom and MIL keeps two small vilakku mostly agal vilakku in the entrance of the house in the evenings. And even after the festival is over, we keep some lamps until all the oil and thirinool gets over. For this festival we mainly make only pori urundai and appam – either nei appam or instant wheat flour appam mostly. Mom told even maavilakku is made and offered those days when my grand mom was there. They make it with Thinai maavu especially for lord Murugan, his favorite. I will share maavilakku mavu recipe later for sure. I made very less for blogging sake, so do not relate the pictures to the recipe I have written. I tried capturing whole video for this recipe, you can check it out HERE.

Nel pori Urundai recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweet
Prep Time: 15 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins    Makes: 15


Nel pori - 4 cups, levelled (approx.)

Jaggery, powdered - 1/2 cup, heaped

Dry ginger powder (optional) - 2 pinches

Dry coconut bits (optional) - 4 tblsp

Roasted Sesame seeds (optional) - 1 tblsp

Ealchi - 1 powdered

Ghee - 2 tsp


  1. Clean the nel pori well to take out the skin, there will be lots of nel, so pick throw away those. Measure the pori and keep aside ready. Fry koppara coconut bits (dry coconut) in ghee and keep aside. Roast sesame seeds too and keep aside. Powder elachi, jaggery. Heat 1/4 cup water with the powdered jaggery. Continue heating until the jaggery dissolves. Powder jaggery well to make this easy. Filter it to remove any impurities. Add elachi powder, sukku powder, coconut bits, sesame seeds at this stage if adding. I dint add anything as Vj doesn’t like anything in this.
  2. Nel pori urundai recipe step 1
  3. Continue heating until you reach soft ball consistency. That is if you pour little syrup in water and gather with hands, you should be able to form a non sticky soft ball (uruttu padham). Switch off the flame.
  4. Nel pori urundai recipe step 2
  5. Add the puffed rice little by little as you keep stirring well. I added as such together, but its always better to add little by little with stirring and stop when you cant see any syrup at the bottom of the pan. Act quickly.
  6. Nel pori urundai recipe step 3
  7. Grease hands well with ghee or sesame oil. Make balls out of this, press strongly so that it holds its shape.
  8. Nel pori urundai recipe step 4


    • Choose dark coloured jaggery for this, white ones may not yield good results.
    • At last, the pori will stick to the pan, just heat it up a bit to loosen it and make use of it until the last pori.
    • Make sure you reach soft ball consistency, otherwise balls wont hold its shape.  Do the syrup in medium flame.
    • Follow the same method for aval pori – you can make your own aval pori by roasting aval, thick variety until it pops.
    • Do not add more than required otherwise wont hold shape the next day. The above measurement is only approx, so add and mix if needed only add everything.

Limit within 1 or two per day, wishing you all an advanced Happy Karthigai Deepam! Celebrate with appam and karthigai pori.


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  1. we are making this today ! Good one raks

  2. Lovely post, nicely explained with beautiful clicks

  3. Do we get nel pori in Singapore?

    1. I got in Mustafa where they keep poha/ ordinary puffed rice. But a month back I got, not sure if its still there.

  4. I have tried & posted with aval pori . Must search for nel pori here. Pretty pics as usual :)

  5. Never tried with nel pori looks good !!

  6. This is a favorite!!! Loved the step by step instructions :)

  7. My all time fav raks... thanks a lot for the recipe !!

  8. wow such a quick n easy one.. wld def try it for karthigai..

  9. Nice post..lovely presentation..nelpori is also called malar pori..isn't it? Karthigai pori is something more different I think, but am not too sure..

  10. Got to try once..Lovely presented
    Shobas Delight

  11. Hi Raks...ve tried ur recipes couple of tyms...bt nvr left a comment....this tym wanted to do t rite away....jus done wit storing the urundais in a containet....felt shud post immed...they came out very well...excited as this was always my amama s weak point though she s an expert in all other complex ones ..thank u so much


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