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Thursday, November 14, 2013

I am sure most of you and mainly your kids will be nutella fans. I wanted to post some kids recipes using nutella that too something that is easily adapted to our usual Indian cooking. This is a simple and easy Indian nutella recipe that you can make for your kids lunch box or as a snack/ dinner. Kids would love this, even you may like itSmug. And I am so sorry for tempting you all who ever are determined not to touch nutella here after. I am also one who take it as oath that from tomorrow I wont touch nutella and then breaking it everydayBlushing. There is no such recipe to share, just I am sharing an idea, hope it will be useful. And thanks to friend Sangeeta for the idea of folding, I made use of it here in this recipe. Is your kid allergic to coco? Dont worry, you can stuff sugar and ghee paste inside instead nutella. That’s what she originally shared, but I tried with nutella.

Nutella chapati recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 20 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins    Makes: 8


Wheat flour / atta - 1 cup

Nutella - 1 tblsp per chapati

Water - As needed

Salt - As needed

Oil/ Ghee - As needed


  1. Mix flour with salt and add water and prepare dough. Usually its little less than half cup for 1 cup flour. Prepare dough and let it rest for 15 mins. After 15 mins, knead again to make it smooth and divide into 6 or 8 equal sized balls depending how big you want it.
  2. Roll it as you do for chapati, but make sure not too thin. You can roll slightly thicker.1-nutella-chapathi
  3. Spread the nutella in half the chapati and fold it leaving a little space as shown in the picture. Press it with your fingers to seal it.2-nutella
  4. Now fold it decoratively with the left extra space. By practise this will come our pretty well. I will try to upload video to show how to fold it later.3-nutella
  5. Heat tawa and toast both sides with few drops of oil or ghee as required. Press gently in the folded area to ensure even cooking.4-nutella 


    • Make sure you fold the edges small, otherwise it wont get cooked.
    • CAUTION: The inside stuff will be hot as soon as you take it out from tawa. So be careful.
    • Use your imagination for stuffing, you can add a tsp of finely chopped banana or thinly sliced banana 2 or 3 pieces. You can try the same with strawberry too. Goes well with nutella.
    • You can also try coconut, sugar and dry fruits and nuts inside in this same way.

I am sure your kids  will be excited to have this, so try it for their lunch box or snack box or as evening snack when they are back from school. I am sure you too will be equally loving this one. Bachelors who do not want to disturb their moms also can try this on their own.


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  1. i liked the plate a lot ... and the smiley :D thumbs up !

  2. super combo and my Nutella over... have to get for the yummy chapathi...

  3. Awesome idea Raks..My son hates chapati(he's a pakka south indian..luvs rice)..dis is a gr8 way to get him eat chapatis ;)..thnx for sharing

  4. Perfect chapati recipe for winter.

  5. my son he is an great fan of chapathi with nutella. The idea of folding is really interesting and gives an appetizing appearance. thanks for ur idea..

  6. Perfect for kids.. Looks fantastic..

  7. Lovely Chapatis, that too for Children's day. Looks super tasty.

  8. lovely chapatis...looks delicious with the oozing nutella

  9. I do this for my kids lunch box all the time.. their fav :-)

  10. Just like Chapatis, Nutella can be added to Dosa as well. You can make the dosa and add banana slices and pour nutella over it, mix and serve. Kids will love this new dish too.

  11. Ur recipies are just awesome! I cook ur recipies nearly everyday! Myriads just loved the chappati and wanting it forvevery meal. Keep up the good work. I would be very glad if u could post some egg recipe. Thanks!.........

  12. Perfect chapati recipe for winter i

  13. Dear Raks,

    Wonderful...my daughter never used to eat chappati. but with nutella she had two chapati and has ordered that i need to make it for her tiffin also so that she can share with her friends.

    before trying i was skeptical about chocolate in roti....but still gave it a try. I myself munched two chapatis ;-)

  14. Superb!!!!simply, easy yet innovative....would make it definitely!!


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