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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Senai kizhangu is one veggie that I buy rarely as Vj never wants me to buy. He is afraid always about the itchy nature of it. But seniors at home say that if we buy and keep for several days, the itchy nature gets reduced. Also if made at right way, it can be made as a delicious side dish. And as far as this recipe is concerned I had no idea about it or heard about it. But MIL told when we saw this at Mustafa and I wanted to try it really soon. I made this last week and wanted to post as last Thursday’s post, but time flies for me as I am enjoying my days with the whole family here in SG and we even went for a short trip to Langkawi, Malaysia for 3 days. So still busy and having fun with my in-laws and co-sisters all together, but sure will meet you all tomorrow with a sweet post for the New year’s first post Happy.
And this is a very very simple recipe and turns out great taste-wise. This is the whole family’s favorite here. Me and Aj tasting for first time and loved it too. Best way when you want to use the big yam in single use. Check out Yam fry recipe over tawa too. This kizhangu is also called Kaara karnai (Elephant Yam)

Senai kizhangu chips recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 25 mins    |  Cook time: 25 mins    Makes: 2 cups


Elephant yam/ Senai kizhangu - 1/2

Tamarind - Big goose berry size

Sambar powder - 2 tsp

Salt - As needed

Oil - For deep frying


  1. Peel off the skin of the yam and cut into big chunks first. Wash and keep immersed in water. Then chop the yam uniformly into sticks. First slice it into thin squares/ rectangles and then stack the squares and chop them to sticks as shown in the picture.
  2. 1-senai-cut
  3. Soak tamarind in hot water for 30 mins and extract a thick pulp from it. Mix the tamarind pulp, sambar powder, salt with the yam sticks and keep aside for 20 mins.
  4. 4-mix
  5. After 20 mins, it would have left more water within. Heat oil and when oil is hot, squeeze out the excess water and sprinkle the yam in hot oil. And that’s my MIL in action.
  6. 2-marinate
  7. Cook in medium flame with constant stirring and never leave it unattended as it gets easily browned towards end. Also turning while cooking now and then ensures even cooking. Drain from oil when the ‘Shhh…’ sound completely ceases and turns crispy. Drain over paper towel.
  8. 3-squeeze


    • Make sure you extract thick pulp from tamarind. Do not let it be watery.
    • Also tamarind should be more, then only the itchy effect will not be there.
    • You can make this fully crispy or crisp out and slightly soft from inside.
    • Make sure the yam is chopped thin and equal sized, otherwise cooking time will vary accordingly.
    • Takes some time to get cooked well.

Can go best with sambar rice and Vj just loves to eat as such. Even I like it as such.


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  1. thats delicious one... tasted it many time never tried it

  2. my fav chips.. new shape though! Happy new year Raks

  3. Slurrp! Tempting recipe Raks! :) Happy New Year!

  4. Hey Raks !! Excellent recipe :-) ..by the way is the 'Search Recipe' been removed or am I not seriously looking for that? Please help

  5. Wow Yumm receipe Raji!!! I am on diet :-)

  6. Hey Raks ! I am new to this blog .. your recipes are great !!!! feeling sad that i missed it for so long :- ( ... I am trying your recipes one by one , they are coming out very well ! The credit goes to Raks! & Raks only !
    Raks I would like to know where you got the bamboo Idiyappam plates from . My next project is Idiyappam !!
    Thank u for sharing the recipes as it is...very rare to see ppl sharing it like this! Thank u once again.

  7. Raks waiting for ur new year sweet...hitting rakskitchen since morning

  8. Raks waiting for ur new year sweet...hitting rakskitchen since morning

  9. Looks very yummy Raks. The senai chips looks so inviting!



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