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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

       Veg chilli milli is our usual order when we visit Kailash Parbat. Vj loves this very much. Since he likes the dish very much I thought of attempting my version at home after tasting this twice there. Though I could not match the taste what we had at the restaurant, this sure is a finger licking side for Roti / Naan. Why not?, its a cashew based gravy so its slightly sweetish and delicious inspite of its name having ‘chilli’. And also I like the vegetables in it which we usually do not include in our roti side dish recipes. This has become Aj’s favourite too these daysHappy.


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Saturday, April 27, 2013

    This was supposed to be my first post in the Lunch menu series. Then I had not posted this  poricha kuzhambu recipe before, so thought of posting that first and then this meal.You will also find buttermilk and Maa vadu pickle in the picture.

So this meal has  :
  1. Simple poricha kuzhambu
  2. Vazhakkai curry
  3. Veppam poo rasam


Other vegetables which can be used for making the curry instead of vazhakkai / plantain are :
  1. Yellow pumpkin – Yellow pumpkin curry recipe
  2. Brinjal – Brinjal curry recipe
  3. Potato


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easy-no-vegetable-poricha-kuzhambu recipe
     I have mentioned about this easy poricha kuzhambu in my murungakkai poricha kuzhambu recipe. This is also called ‘Rathri poricha kuzhambu’ as its made in the night time for dinner. My grandfather (mom’s/ FIL’s dad) is a great fan of this. Even at my in-law’s place, every one likes this.  Its simple and easy to make and easily digestible as it has only moong dal. My grandfather used to come back home hungry and ask my grand mom to make this as quick fix for the dinner, as its his favorite  Aj also likes this one to my surprise. No wonder his grand sons and great grand son too likes the same as their grand fatherHappy.   This is more like the south Indian version of North Indian dal.


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Thursday, April 25, 2013

     Raj kachori is one of my favourite chaat and order where ever I find it in the menu in restaurants. I have had this 2-3 times and love it a lot.  But now its more than 2 yrs since I had it. Somehow I remembered last weekend and thought of trying on my own at home. So finally I made yesterday and had it heartily. And I am disclaiming this recipe may not be the authentic one, but I can assure it turns out to be finger licking good.Happy. Vj too loved it when I made it for  him. Its sure full of calories with all those deep fried stuffs and curd, still, once in a while its sure a treat for you. You can make your guest wonder too by making this for them. You can make the sev, both chutneys a day ahead, even if you want to make (if you have large air tight containers) you can make the puris too ahead and make your job easier the day when you are preparing. All the chaat recipes have few ingredients to make, but once you make and keep it, you can enjoy these easily. Please refer to the chutney recipes and sev and papdi recipes by following the links in the ingredients table.


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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

      Palak pakora or palak pakoda is an easy evening snack, perfect for tea time. I think there is another version of palak pakora of mixing the spinach leaves with the batter, but I have had this way in a restaurant once and even my MIL makes this when she makes south Indian version with vegetables.(bajji). If you have ready made bajji mix, then this can be made more easily in a jiffy Happy. Hang on with this simple snack as of now, I promise to bring you intersting recipe coming up next Batting Eyelashes.


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Saturday, April 20, 2013

        I am planning to post some Lunch menu ideas weekly, so that it will be easy and helpful for many to pre-plan their lunch in weekends/ weekdays. I also want to let know, this may not have any fancy combinations or elaborate lunch, instead, simple, yet will try my best to match the best combinations. If any of the recipes in the menu is not in my blog and if you want that specific recipe, you can leave a message requesting that recipe and I will try posting the recipe soon.



Thursday, April 18, 2013

       Neer more/ neer mor (spiced buttermilk) is a perfect body cooling drink for summer. Neer mor and panagam both are offered on Tamizh new year and on Rama navami too. Since both the festivals falls over the summer month (Chithirai), we make this and offer to God and distribute to others too. No fancy items needed or no complicated too, still I am posting the recipe for buttermilk (spiced) because, tomorrow is Rama Navami. In MIL side, we dont celebrate Rama navami, but mom always does. So here is the way I do neer more (south Indian way of making spiced buttermilk). I am not sure if we temper it if we are offering to God, still I made this way.


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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Maavadu / vadu manga/ vadu mago is nothing but baby mangoes. A specific variety of this tender mango is made pickle, the ever popular “vadu mango pickle”. Mom makes more like the neer nellikai, which is also my most favourite. I like the water more than the nellikai/mango. It tastes great with more sadam/ thayir sadam. I can live with it! But this way of authentic maa vadu pickle I learnt from my MIL. She has this recipe in her handwritten cookbook, which she shared me over the phone and I tried it successfully for the first ever time in my life. And every day when I open the jar of this pickle the whole space is full of the pleasant mango flavour along with the spices! Wow! Too much!Big Grin.


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Thursday, April 11, 2013

      Thengai payasam is one of a staple recipe at my periyamma’s place. Mom and MIL makes it as well. I think its not that common recipe people usually make. I too have tried this for first time now. With Tamil New Year coming up, I thought of  posting this recipe as it would help some of you to make it on the Tamil new year day. I liked this payasam for its unique taste and flavour and simple ingredients. In my child hood I never had it much as this payasam is too sweet with jaggery, as I was not a big fan of jaggery then. But its perfect if its taken along a full course meal towards the end. Do check out other payasam recipes, you can make one for the festival. And Happy Ugadi to all who ever celebrating :)


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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

          Its a long time since I thought of trying paneer paratha recipe, some how I kept postponing it as I was bit afraid how it will be easy to roll. So today, I atlast tried it and it came out really good. I was thinking, why I was afraid to try this easy paratha so far! It is very easy, especially when you have frozen paneer with you. I just made it like aloo paratha except that I added garam masala in this one. If you are a beginner, you can refer this video to see how to roll a stuffed paratha (aloo). Kids will love this as it has the star ingredient as paneer. You can make it in a jiffy when they are back from school or for dinner too.


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Saturday, April 6, 2013

        We all like pomegranate, mostly we eat as such, but sometime love to have it as juice as well. Mathulam pazham has many medicinal values, we had a plant in our garden when we were kids. Me and my brother though hate to eat fruits. Especially my brother hates this juice when mom and dad gives it when he is back from the hostel for vacation. He runs miles away. Still we make fun over this. Once I had pomagranate in an ashram, they served as prasadam with pepper and salt. it was really good. From then I used to have it with salt/pepper and sometimes I have tried with chaat masala too.


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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Aval Upma recipe - flattened rice upma  
      Aval upma is one easy and healthy breakfast recipe. I like the recipe’s simplicity and amazing flavours too, inspite of its simplicity. This is my mom’s version of aval upma and it has no potato in it like the ones north Indians makes. I have heard that about my friends, yet to try that way. But love this version too very much. I love all the things that are made with aval/ poha/ flattened rice. Mainly because of its simplicity. Be it Lemon poha or puli aval, its more easier as there is no cutting process needed for it. MIL and mom makes even a soaked sweet version of aval with jaggery which can be eaten as snack in the evenings.


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Monday, April 1, 2013

Mango Sambar Recipe      Mango sambar is one of the flavorful sambar just like drumstick sambar. I am not a big fan though. But mom and MIL makes this very often in mango season. MIL makes it with fresh mangoes from her sisters house. They have their own  mango trees in their backyards. So they pass it whenever possible. Otherwise, our home in Chennai, has a lot of mango trees in near by houses. So we can easily buy from them. My co sister is crazy about mangoes. She eats it raw with salt, atleast once a day when its mango season. At my In-laws place everybody loves mango! Mango pachadi is another family favorite recipe, that they can live with!


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