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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Today’s lunch menu is inspired from HSB’s quick lunch C. One day we went to Sentosa when my in-laws were here last month and for lunch we stopped at Vivo city Saravana Bhavan. It is an outlet inside the Food court. We ordered for this quick lunch C. Which had – Main dish – choice of sambar sadam or Biryani, a vegetable side dish (poriyal/ sabji), Chapati, kurma, appalam (papad), pickle, mor milagai and payasam. I loved that spread. So I wanted to make it at home once. I had with the choice of biryani while the rest of the family had it with sambar sadam. Today I made it with sambar sadam. Though the name is quick lunch, its only for eating varieties in one lunch. Its not for preparing the lunch quickly. But since its a variety lunch combo, I made the menu (recipes) that are simple and quick to make. Yes, apart from sambar sadam, I made vazhakkai poriyal, which is very easy to prepare (no onion), thakkali kurma – just onion and tomato, microwave fine vermicelli payasam – can be made within 10 mins and curd rice. It took only 1 hr and some 45 mins to complete the spread.

Lunch menu 29 (Indian lunch recipes)

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   |  Recipe Category: Lunch

Prep Time: 30 mins | Cook time: 1 Hr 15 mins | Serves: 4
  1. Pressure cook dal (little less than 1/2 cup) for sambar rice, with a dash of sesame oil and a red chilli for easy cooking.
  2. Prepare dough for phulkas with a cup of atta (makes 6 phulkas). Keep aside. Soak tamarind (small lemon size)
  3. Cut vegetables – first for sambar sadam – half of a drumstick, 1 brinjal, half a carrot, 4 beans, few pieces of yellow pumpkin and a really small potato. Keep immersed in water aside.
    Peel and cut plantain (1) and keep immersed in water.
    Chop onion for sambar –1, tomato 1 and onion 1 for tomato kurma.
  4. Keep the other ingredients ready like coconut for kurma and poriyal, curry leaves, coriander leaves and green chillies. Extract tamarind juice.
  5. By now dal would have been done. In the same cooker (small pressure cooker) keep 1 & 1/2 cup rice for sambar rice and curd rice. Once done, cool it down for sambar rice and curd rice. That 1 cup rice should be for sambar sadam and 1/2 cup rice is for curd rice.
  6. For both sambar rice and curd rice, it should be cooled down before mixing. If its hot and we mix, it will get thicker as it cools down, so keep everything at room temperature while mixing. Mix one tsp of ghee for sambar rice as it cools down. If you want you can mash the rice for curd rice. I do not mash the rice for both the rice.
  7. Boil drumstick, carrot, beans first and when its almost done add the other veggies. In another vessel boil the plantain for poriyal.
  8. Heat up the kadai roast ingredients for sambar(powder) sadam , then temper for curd rice, transfer to the cooling rice, then for sambar and add it to the boiling veggies., prepare poriyal as it takes only less time.
  9. Mean while prepare sambar, powder the sambar powder ingredients. Lastly prepare the thakkali kurma, grind for kurma.
  10. As kurma boils, prepare payasam in oven. Heat oil in kadai for frying papad and mor milagai.
  11. Mix both sambar rice and curd rice. For sambar rice, make sure the rice is without any lumps and just gently mix in the sambar, without mashing up the veggies.
  12. Lastly before serving, make phulkas and serve the spread.

Quick lunch spread just like HSB is ready – Phulka – tomato kurma, sambar rice – plantain poriyal + appalam, curd rice –pickle and homemade mor milagai, fine vermicelli payasam for dessert.


Check out the link for the recipes in the above plate.
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  3. Sambar sadam recipe
  4. Vazhakkai poriyal recipe
  5. Curd rice recipe
  6. Pickle recipes
  7. Mor milagai recipe (coming up soon)
  8. Fine vermicelli payasam (microwave) recipe
You can replace the sambar rice with Biryani or pulao too.
Make easy poriyals to go with this which doesn’t need lot of chopping or frying too much.
Check out the full list of payasam recipes here.
You can make mixed vegetable kurma or potato kurma or channa masala too in place of tomato kurma.
So who is with me for this super lunch menu? Be right back Have a great weekend!

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  1. Fantastic spread. Love to have this anytime.

  2. Sambar sadam is the star in your entire thali..mouth watering!!!!, gonna try soon :) :)

  3. I like sambar sadam recipe!

  4. super inviting spread dear

  5. I could not take my eyes out of sambar rice.

  6. oh my god u have so much patience raks pichi odharitinga super pa love ur energy in cooking

  7. yummmy Raji.. Saturday mornings i get up and look for what you have for the week end menu series. Was disappointed when there wasnt any a couple of weeks before, which i could understand from you.
    You are now back with a huge bang!!!! Yummy platter.Love it!!

  8. wow...thats look tempting..Nice menu....

  9. wonderful spread,looks delicious :)

  10. I havent tasted HSB quick lunch to say it tastes great or not...but seeing ur spread am sure urs will be tasty :) Sambar sadam....yum yum....pathale pasikuthe :)


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