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Sunday, January 19, 2014

This week it’s breakfast menu. Yes, I am back in track with this one for my lunch/ breakfast menu seriesBatting Eyelashes. I really really wanted to make this when my in-laws were here. But when I asked mami, she said, why you are doing two things, just keep it simple. I was skeptical if they would like this or not, so I  avoided making this. In-fact, I myself have not made this combo so far – pesarattu + upma together. I very well know it’s a combo meant for each other and its also known as MLA pesarattu. I have also tasted this combo back in Chennai at ID Sathyam cinemas. And I loved it too. Rava upma is my most favourite, so is there any better reason needed for me to like it?  It’s not that complicated to make it too… You can spend less time in kitchen, still make your family/ guests a special breakfast, that is filling. Here’s how I made.

Breakfast menu 2 (South Indian breakfast recipes)

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 12 hrs     |  Cook time: 40 mins    |  Serves: 4

  1. Soak whole green moong (paasi payaru)-1 cup overnight in a big enough vessel and enough water as it absorbs a lot of water and becomes double.
  2. Morning on wake up, grind it in mixie to keep it simple. Its lot easier than grinding in grinder. This time I ground it smoothly. Though it doesnt need any standing time, I keep it for 2 hours aside.
  3. Grate coconut for chutney – I usually grate bulk in my ultra wet grind coconut scraper attachment and store in small zip locks. Defrost and use when ever I need.
    Chop onions, green chillies for rava upma. Chop 2 onions for spreading over pesarattu as well. Peel required ginger for the chutney and if needed for upma too.
  4. Fry the onion slightly, meant for spreading over pesaratuu and keep a side. Season for chutney in a bowl. Roast rava (1 cup) for upma and prepare upma. Grind chutney.
  5. At the time of serving breakfast, make pesarattu, spread some onion, then a laddle full of upma and fold into a triange as I have done here in this dosa or just fold as we do for the usual masala dosa.

Serve hot with the best combo ginger chutney and our own filter coffee! Blushing

Follow the links below for the recipes :
  1. Pesarattu and ginger chutney recipe
  2. Rava upma recipe
  3. How to make Filter coffee

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend. Lets meet with another interesting recipe!

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  1. Hello Raks, I know you said water as needed. Can you please give me your estimation of how many cups of water that i can use as reference. Thanks! H. Phi

    1. I will notice next time and update here.

  2. That's my favourite. I make Pesarattu often, but rarely alongside upma. Yours looks beautiful!

  3. perfect start for the weekend.. healthy breakfast

  4. omg never seen such a crispy peserattu

  5. omg never seen such a crispy peserattu

  6. Lovely pics of the upma with filter coffee. Excellent preparation.

  7. crispy pesarattu looks yum

  8. This is what I call ' A Perfect Breakfast '..

  9. Delicious! Had this combo @ my friend's place once..nice recipe and wonderful clicks as always..

  10. I am bookmarking this recipe, and will serve with chutney but then for lunch.

  11. Delicious! I make this often too!

  12. typical andhra breakfast.. love it :)

  13. I made this today for breakfast Raji... Pics are perfect resolution.


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