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Sunday, February 2, 2014

tomato-rice gobi 65 rasam

Tomato rice is the most simplest rice variety, yet it can be a great replacement for Biryani when you want to keep it simple. MIL make tomato rice very very simple as thakkali sadam with no masala or garlic. Just with usual tempering of mustard, urad dal channa dal, sambar powder and onion with tomato. That’s it. Yeah, that’s it. Oh yeah, She adds ghee. Mom, in addition to it, whole garlic pods. I used to love that too. But one day, when we were going for a field trip during our final year DECE, one of my day scholar friends – Jameela Banu, told she will pack tomato rice for us, as we were hostellers and we cant pack our lunch. And she did packed tomato rice and curd rice for us. And after our field trip, during lunch time, we opened the tomato rice and we were so much flattered by its aroma, it was awesome, the smell was more than like a BiryaniDrooling. Stupid us, thought, we would rather go back to hostel and enjoy that for dinner and now let us finish the curd rice and we saved it for dinnerNerd. It should have been the other way around. We should have eaten tomato rice and kept curd rice atleast. We never knew, yes, none-of-us knew it would get spoilt by night. And when we skipped our dinner even after the mess bell rang, when we opened the packs, it had already got spoilt. Then sadly, with heavy hearts threw it away in the bin and went for the regular mess dinnerCryingDoh. But still I feel that aroma and only after when I started cooking, I started using masalas in the tomato rice and make it more flavorful and different from our way of making thakkali sadam. Aj loves only when I add these masalas. He won’t even touch it otherwise. Both my family blames me for practising Aj eating masalas- yeah, its kind of out of our way of cooking so they don’t like the smell of whole garam masalas. So when ever I am around my parents or in-laws, I use it very less. So here is the lunch menu I prepared yesterday – I made it for Vj’s friends and a tiny tot, so I could not post it yesterday.  I earlier decided to make tomato bath and some crispy cauliflower fries alone, then later since I knew they are coming for lunch, made it as gobi 65 and added a rasam to the menu.
I am sure this could be perfect time to make this, as tomatoes are in season and available plenty in market!

Lunch menu 30 (Lunch recipes)

Recipe Cuisine: Indian |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 30 mins | Cook time: 1 Hr 15 mins |  Serves: 5
  1. Soak 2 cups basmati rice, tamarind for rasam.(Atleast 30 mins)
  2. Pressure cook basmati rice with 2 & 1/2 cups of water or according to your basmati rice quality. pressure cook 1 cup plain rice for rasam and mor sadam.
  3. If you have ginger garlic paste ready then, fine, otherwise, prepare some for tomato bath and gobi 65. I had it ground and kept.
  4. Boil enough water while you separate cauliflower florets, wash and prepare it for gobi 65. Keep aside.
  5. Slice onion for raita and tomato bath, few small onion for tomato bath as well. Chop 5 large tomatoes for tomato baath and one for rasam.
  6. Gather all ingredients for grinding for the tomato baath. I had coconut grated already in the freezer.
  7. Keep all the other ingredients ready like coriander leaves and curry leaves.
  8. Marinate for gobi 65 – first let the florets cool down then marinate. Otherwise, it will leave water.
  9. Mean while, if the basmati rice is done, keep it in a broad vessel with a tblsp of ghee mixed with it for the tomato bath.
  10. First temper for rasam in the rasam serving vessel. Keep rasam and pour over it.
  11. Then go for tomato bath. Mix the rice, keep aside. Prepare raita.
  12. Lasly, fry vadams and appalams, then gobi 65. I did it in 4 batches.
  13. Keep mor (buttermilk) and pickle ready. You can serve the lunch!


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You can also make this kind of tomato rice or this tomato peas pulao.
You may like this Crispy cauliflower fries too.
Have a great day! Happy

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  1. I completed loved the color combo and Yes i deeply love with the bowls, Sema matching... And menus were perfect.

  2. nice spread :-) coming for lunch?

  3. Those bowls are interesting...I am always looking for such simple and easy rice dishes.

  4. That menu looks so tempting and mouthwatering. Loved this combo. Lovely clicks :)

  5. Hey, I made tomato rice too for lunch but not the other things ;-) Looks perfect.

  6. nice mouthwatering spread. Nice clicks dear.

  7. Yummmy..People great enjoying with ‘Navratri’ wishes and making a many foods.
    Navratri 2014

  8. Looks great...lovely spread!

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  10. very tempting meal Raks! I am hungry after seeing your pics


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