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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Idli dosa kadappa

I have told enough about my kadappa story in my Kumbakonam Kadappa recipe. Though I like it very much these days, I make very rarely as Aj is not liking the combination. But Vj told its his favorite this time. So I should make it often. I planned to bring my kadappa recipe to limelight so made this weekend special breakfast. I had to make chutney for Aj, I made onion tomato chutney as that is his favorite among the chutneys. I love kadappa with idli sure, but with dosa the bestHappy. I tried making dosa with a flat bottomed small bowl as they do in restaurants. What’s the big deal? Yeah I always love to watch the making of dosa at restaurants. Of course through youtube I enjoy watching it. I tried using dabara few times but it keeps sticking and end up in dosa with torn spots. I think it comes better with practise. Also our dosa pan is small that our hands are not free while spreading as they do. We do it slow and by that time the batter gets cooked and get stuck to the bowl. Still I tried today and I should say it came out good. I like this mainly because of the even browning. When we use ladle we get concentric circles that gets browned and gives a different look. I love that looks, no problem, but I wanted even browned dosa too as we get in restaurants. So tried this and found better browning, I am sure I will improve if I make often. Lets move on to the planning and making part.

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Breakfast with Idli, dosa, Kadappa, Chutney, Podi

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 12 hr     |  Cook time: 45 mins    |  Serves: 4

  1. Have to plan the  before day and grind idli dosa batter. I soak by 3 in summer days and grind after 6, keep overnight for fermentation. Next day use as required.
  2. After coffee works, pressure cook potato and moong dal for kadappa. If you want to make it quick, then you can start cutting works side by side. But I like to relax a bit after coffee workBig Grin.
  3. Once potato and dal are done, keep potatoes for cooling and proceed to the cutting works. Onion for chutney and kadappa, tomato for chutney and kadappa.
  4. Grate coconut as needed for chutney and kadappa, as usual, I had grated coconut forzen so used that. Keep all other ingredients ready like green chillies, coriander leaves, curry leaves, red chilli, channa dal etc.
  5. First roast for chutney, then temper for it in a bowl, next temper and fry onions with tomato if using for kadappa. Transfer to another vessel and boil for kadappa.
  6. Fry onion and tomato for chutney and cool it down. Grind chutney, keep aside.
  7. Grind for kadappa and finish preparing kadappa, while it boils you can make idlies too.
  8. Lastly when you are ready for breakfast, make hot dosas if needed and serve.

Breakfast with Idli, dosa, kadappa, onion tomato chutney, idli podi – ready! Here is a snap with only idlis.
Idli kadappa

Happy Cooking Happy!!

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  1. I have seen in north india , people using small flat base katoris/ cups to make the dosa circle..

  2. looks like i have ordered a quick breakfast menu...love the first click.

  3. Very inviting menu, feel like inviting myself to ur place..

  4. Thanks Raks i learnt porumai from your youtube about browning dosai and got kudos from my hubby.

  5. Tempting click....super breakfast spread


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