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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Idli vada pongal chutney gotsu
Today I made a special Breakfast menu. Aj was sick for past 2 days. So I wanted to make idli the best breakfast for him and a mild side dish for him which should always be the one he eats, so I chose Gothsu/ Gotsu. But to make the weekend special with the breakfast menu (Ok, I admit its planned for this post tooBig Grin), I made Pongal for Vj and I know the gothsu I am making will go well with pongal too. I soaked just 1/2 a cup of urad dal on wake up and ground in mixie itself to make this menu special and a made a getti chutney to go well with all these items. Tadaaaa… Breakfast menu ready! Ok I know I am writing the whole process here itself, but that’s how this is planned. I made everything in moderate purposely for not over eating. So you can plan the same way.
This combo is very tempting by the name itself. Even the north Indians will be knowing this combo – Idli vada pongal – but with sambar and chutney. I made it as Gothsu, that’s it. I know there are lots of versions in making gothsu, some with dal, some without, some with spice powder, some without. Mine is a simple one, without spice powder.
You can call it brunch or heavy breakfast what ever you like to name it. Here is how I prepared this menu in detail.

Idli Vada pongal breakfast

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 12 hrs     |  Cook time: 45 mins    |  Serves: 4

  1. Prepare idli batter the before day itself, by soaking for it by the before day afternoon, grind it by evening, ferment it overnight. Grate coconut also and freeze it to make it easy the next day morning. As I use my ultra grind for grating coconut, I did it after I finished grinding for idli.
  2. Next day morning, on wake up, soak for vada. Just 1/2 cup.
  3. First cook rice, dal for pongal as in the recipe and dal separately for gothsu. I have a big cooker with two separate containers, 1 big, 1 small.  So I kept for pongal in the big and dal in the small one. Small container down, big one up. Pressure cook for 4 whistles in medium flame after the first whistle.
  4. Meanwhile, chopping works – brinjal, potato, carrot, tomato for gothsu, onion for gothsu and vada (I used shallots for both which gives maximum flavor) other ingredients like chilli for gothsu, vada and chutney, curry leaves, coriander leaves, also keep them ready. Keep coconut for thawing if frozen or grate it freshly.
  5. By the time you finish chopping works, cooker work will be done. Grind chutney. You can grind for vada in mixie itself and keep in fridge until you make vada lastly.
  6. First season for pongal, prepare pongal and keep it ready in a hot pack. Next for chutney, prepare it and keep it ready.
  7. Next for gothsu, let it be simmered for cooking mean while which you can heat oil in another stove for vada and steam idlies in another stove (if you have 3 burners as I have) If you have 2 burner, then first finish gothsu and then steam idli in one stove, side by side oil for vada in another.
  8. Take out the vada batter, mix ingredients and make vada – only one for eachWinking.

That’s it, your breakfast is ready. With Idli, Vada, Pongal, Gotsu, chutney and the podi.


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Have a great weekend!Love Struck

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  1. Beautiful plate of a fitting breakfast for Saturday ! I admire your dedication ! Keep inspiring :-)

  2. nothing can be stand infront of the this menu .. pongal is always hit with idly and so as vada and an added advantage of gosthu :D

  3. i love that platter esp. that moru moru vadai

  4. super yummy and wholesome breakfast

  5. If this is the effort u put in on a weeknd b.fast, then wat do u cook for lunch !! Do you have any appetite left for lunch at all ??

    If I make a heavy b.fast, then I become lazy to start lunch.. and anyway my family is too full to do justice to what i make...:):)

    1. If you dont mind, wat did u have for lunch after this??

    2. I (&my family) had pepper kothamalli thogayal garlic rasam and vazhakka curry. Thanks for your interest

    3. If you had missed to read in the post - I have made this only in very less quantity - and if you notice the vada size and idli size they both are same size - my idlies are small and 1 vada 2 idli and a small scoop of pongal is not that heavy to forget about our lunch.

  6. I enjoy following your blog. And look forward to new posts! Thanks

  7. Lovely presentation...

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. HI Raks nice notes and pictures.It is my everyday ritual to visit ur blog.

  10. Delicious and mouthwatering platter, looks very inviting..

  11. Too tempting Raji.. Love this platter any time of the day

  12. how much water is needed to soak the dal for vada?lz help

    1. For soaking urad dal, no specific measure, but water level atleast 2 -3 inches above the urad dal.

  13. I want only that idly and molaga podi :-D drooling....

  14. A perfect filling breakfast. Yumm..

  15. No one can resist the temptation....super combo!

  16. Hi raji..the Goethe looks very yummy,have u posted the recipe.

  17. All ur ideas are amazing and ur very inspiring....

  18. Pongal - Vada - Gothsu perfect combination wich was matchless wit any others ....


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