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Sunday, March 9, 2014

This weekend breakfast is Aj’s favorite poori. He usually prefers kurma than the usual potato masala. Now a days he adjusts with potato masala too. But his preference is kurma. I make kutti (small) pooris when I make it for his lunch box, otherwise I make the regular sized pooris if at home. Here in Komalas, I have seen they have a kids menu as poori meals with small pooris, channa masala or mix veg kurma, potato masala and coke. I wanted to post this here too, so made today morning for breakfast.
I made aloo masala very less, and mix veg kurma as usual. Still I know it will be leftover, but I will use it for my dinner and potato masala for making masala dosa for Aj. I am writing this because some people think beyond and ask why you make so much, after this heavy breakfast what you had for lunch, what you will do with the left over, do you eat this much sorts of questions!!! Worried I know many of you pour your support by sending me appreciation mails for this series and thank you so much for those, but still one or two comments like above sure sounds discouraging!

Here is how I prepared this menu

Poori mix veg kurma & potato masala breakfast

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 12 hrs     |  Cook time: 45 mins    |  Serves: 4
  1. Cook potatos for masala. Mean while chop veggies for mix veg kurma.
  2. Chop onions and tomato for kurma, slice onion for masala. keep ready ginger, garlic (or ginger garlic paste) as needed.
  3. Keep other ingredients like chillies, coriander,curry leaves also ready. Grate coconut and gather ingredients to grind for kurma.
  4. First prepare kurma and while you cook (simmer) it,  prepare the potato masala.
  5. While both getting ready or is already ready, prepare dough for poori. Keep aside for 10 mins.
  6. Lastly when your family is ready, prepare poori and serve hot and fluffy puris.

So simple yet exciting for kids – mini pooris with two different side dish is ready!

Check out the recipes
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  2. Mixed vegetable kurma recipe
  3. Potato masala recipe
You can make potato kurma or cauliflower kurma or tomato kurma or channa masala too instead of mix veg kurma.

Have a happy sunday! Love Struck

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  1. My husband loves this version of potato he always brings it from near by dosa stall.

  2. cute poori's...yummy presentationb....yet to try it with vegetable kuruma.........

  3. Let them question raks, Its purely your wish to make variety :D i do make lots of variety and we never waste anything we use it for the later purpose. we are cooking for our family so do not bother about them .

    1. Correctly said!!! Pls. don't pay heed to such comments..... there are many looking forward for cooking ideas and recipes....

    2. Thank you Aparna, you are a sweetie :)
      Thanks Manjula.

  4. This looks so nice Raks with poori with potatoes and loads of veggies. A perfect breakfast.

  5. Breakfast looks perfect. Kids milk surely love it. We understand how much efforts you take to post the recipes. What you have for rest of d day is none of others business. Don't pay attention to such comments. Continue your good work as always!

  6. yummy presentation.... and really appreciate your good work as always....

  7. perfect breakfast.. nice clicks as usual

  8. Yes kids will surely like this....keep rocking Raks with more ideas.

  9. Yummy Breakfast. By looking at this dish i miss my mom...

  10. I love puri masala. anytime :-) Love the platter.
    And for those negative comments, don't even pay attention to them. You have the right to tell them to mind their business :-) Don't explain yourself simply because they asked to. Hugs.

  11. Hey Raks,

    You give so much of confidence for us to cook in variety and menus ., pls don’t get upset with these kind of comments… I look forward for more variety /options… ;) .

  12. Raji, as usual lot of efforts and great results. I look forward to the weekends what special you have for this week.. you never disappoint ya!!

  13. Looks so goos that plate of comforting food.

  14. I showed this puri pictures to my daughter and asked her do you want puris she said edthu va... ( her words )

  15. Good day Raks. First of all just don"t bother. Your recipes are simple to follow & yummy also. Your sweets section like jalebi, badushas, mysorepak imarti"s are awesum You explained it so well that there is never a doubt for us. I love all the other recipes also. Thks for making things easier. All the best. Waiting for more to come. THks so much Raks. God Bless :) Vanita A.


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