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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Who can forger about the triangle rose flavored/ coloured kuchi ice (rosemilk popsicle). It tastes and smells divinely! Where ever I go to restaurants, I either have badam milk or rose milk if I am thirsty. I just love it. So I wanted to try it out at home. I just made rosemilk and poured into the popsicle moulds and it turned out yummy! With summer coming up, I am sure you will be looking for something cold and even kids would love to have something cold. So you can try this simple and easy popsicles for yourself and your kids. We usually make Rasna popsicles, but this is the first time I am making this milky popsicle. Do try it out and make your family happy!

Rose milk popsicles recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snack
Prep Time: 12H    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Serves: 4


Milk - 4 cup (1 litre)

Sugar - 2 tblsp

Rose syrup - 3 tblsp (or as needed)


  1. I boiled milk and reduced it to 1/2 litre and filtered it. You can skip this step and just boil 2 cups of milk.
  2. 1-rosemilk
  3. Cool down and mix sugar, rose syrup and mix well.
  4. 2-rose-milk
  5. Pour it to the popsicle moulds and freeze it. (I wanted to use popsicle sticks instead of the one we get with the moulds. So I clicng wrapped and used a rubber band, pierce a slit with knife and inserted the popsicle sticks in it. You can use aluminium foil too and if you dont have moulds, just use any small tumbler.
  6. 3-tblsp
  7. Let it set for atleast 12 hrs and take it out, hold carefully under tap water (outer surface of the mould should be under tap water) and remove the popsicles.
  8. 4-rose


    • Adjust the rose syrup and sugar according to ur sweet preference. But make sure the rosemilk is bit sweeter than you drink.

Enjoy the flavorful, tasty popsicles on a hot day and loose yourself to a nostalgic flashback! Love Struck


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  1. can I pass me some? so refreshing

  2. Wow, perfect prepartion, love the clicks and bright pink color.

  3. Looks wonderful. Your photography skills are really good. Keep up the good work raks. I am a devoted reader of your blog. You inspired me to start my own blog. Happy women's day to you.

  4. Awesome Raks...keep it up..

  5. WOW!! That's a nice looking Rose milk popsicles. I really like this recipe. It's an awesome treat to have during summer season. I'm just wondering how you've managed to pull out those ice creams. I mean aren't those breaking apart pulling out from that ice cream box!!

  6. This looks lovely. Perfect for summer and nice colour.

  7. Hi Raks, can u tell me where can we buy the popsicle molds in Singapore?

  8. Looks super tempting, love the pinky pink popsicle....

  9. Popsicle moulds can be bought in Daiso or any
    shops selling plastics .

  10. I tried this and it came out very well. Thanks

  11. simple tasty colourful summer treat!

  12. Raks where can I get moulds? Iam in abroad. Shall I order online? If means which site?

    1. If you want to buy online, you can check Ali express and amazon.

  13. Hi raks I hv rose essence? Shall I put it instead of rose syrup.

  14. Yes you can use rose essence, in that case, you might need to add more sugar.

  15. it came out water part apart. it seems like sucking ice cube. what to do?

  16. Did you use reduced milk? And use syrup instead of granulated sugar.


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