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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hakka noodles chill paneer mango sago

After a weekly shopping, I wanted to make a different from my usual south Indian lunch menu, so asked Vj what to make. He suggested hakka noodles and chilli paneer dry. So I did the same with his favorite mango sago dessertBlushing. Though noodles wont be that filling, when paired with paneer side dish, it will sure be filling and the mango sago dessert will make the meal complete. Since mango season has started, I got few ripe banganapalli mangoes from Mustafa yesterday and thought of making this dessert today. Its very easy too, so made this weekend.

Lunch menu 35 - Hakka noodles, Chilli paneer and Mango sago

Recipe Cuisine: Oriental/ Indian  |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 1 Hr 30 mins    |  Cook time: 1 Hr    |  Serves: 3
  1. Soak sago 1 hr before you are going to cook. I first prepared the dessert and kept refrigerated. Its better to make the dessert first and keep it in the fridge as it is supposed to be taken cold.
  2. Finely chop some ripe mangoes for mango sago and keep it refrigerated too.
  3. Chop veggies for hakka noodles, spring onion, capsicum for both hakka noodles and chilli paneer. Keep all the other ingredients like coriander leaves, spring onion for garnish.
  4. Meanwhile you can side by side boil water and cook noodles, keep aside.
  5. Heat oil and prepare batter for deep frying paneer cubes. Deep fry and keep aside.
  6. First prepare hakka noodles and keep in a hot pack.
  7. Then toss chilli paneer and serve hot your family as these are supposed to be consumed hot. Lastly treat your family with the dessert, with freshly chopped mangoes.

Simple lunch with hakka noodles, chilli paneer dry and mango sago dessert.

Hakka noodles chill paneer mango sago

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If you want you can add on fried rice also in your menu and make the chilli paneer as chilli paneer gravy too.
Happy Sunday! Happy



  1. damm good menu .. easy and so as filling

  2. beautiful recipes!! today I also made hakka noodles but your combos are excellent!! lovely clicks!!

  3. Wanna try ts recipe for next weekend

  4. Nice menu ! And equally nice pics!

  5. I love anykind of noodles and this combo with the paneer is so yumm

  6. Saw ur post in the Mango Sago recipe saying that ur husb will eat wat you cook and has no special expectations... It is destiny which makes good (touch wood! ) couples who are complete opposites!

    I am sure another couple where a husb wants to eat everything, and the wife doesnt want to make variety at all are also happy with each other !!

    Loved this menu...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. If i had a wife like you (and I was a man! ), i would have a LIST of recipes for you to cook for me!! hahaha :)

    3. How to chop vegetables very finely? Do you use any chopper?

    4. How to chop vegetables very finely? Do you use any chopper?

    5. With a mighty sharp knife, no chopper :)

  7. Hi Raji, visiting u after quite some time. what a way to welcome me, just awesome. Nice clicks as usual.

  8. Who can say no to this combo lunch menu....yumm

  9. Hi Raks! I have tried many of your recipes but never posted any comment. I am really sorry. My daughter urges me to post a comment whenever I try your recipe. Right from Kaarasev, Badhusha, hakka noodles, chilli paneer, I have tried many of your recipes and to my surprise all turned out well. No failure at all. It is all because of your perfect measurement and step wise pictures. A special thanks to you!!!


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