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Friday, April 4, 2014


Very recently I have started liking Narthangai/ citron. When in-laws came they got few narthangais and I made pachadi. Now again when I got 3 big narthangais through my Karaikudi mami, I made pachadi with 2 and made narthangai sadam with one fruit’s juice. And this is the first time I am making narthangai sadam. Being a mixed rice variety lover, I loved it so so much. Its same as lemon rice. Very easy to make but very flavorful and tasty. If you in case get a chance to lay hands over these fruits, do try rice with it. Though the recipe is too simple, I still wanted to blog this :)


Narthangai sadam recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins    Serves: 2


Narthangai juice - 1/4 cup

Cooked rice - 3 cups

Turmeric - 1/8 tsp

Salt - As needed

To temper

Oil - 1 tblsp

Mustard - 3/4 tsp

Urad dal - 2 tsp

Channa dal - 1 tblsp

Red chilli - 2

Asafoetida - Generous pinch

Curry leaves - 1 sprig

Green chilli - 4, slit


  1. Add a tsp of sesame oil, little salt to the cooked rice and separate the grains. Squeeze the citrion gently to get its juice.
  2. 1-squeeze
  3. In a pan, add oil, temper with the items given under ‘To temper table’. Add turmeric, salt and the squeezed juice and switch off the flame.
  4. 2-temper
  5. Add it to the rice and mix well and keep aside for 30 mins before serving.
  6. 3-mix


    • Do not squeeze citron too much as it will give bitterness.
    • You can use orange squeezer to squeeze. Also do not press too hard.

Serve it with your favorite vegetable side dish and some fried vadams. I can it as such ;)


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  1. Would love to try this, I love narthangai more than lemon, just for the slight bitter taste in it,

  2. looks so delicious.. love it!

  3. such a perfect one for lunchbox!!

  4. long time back i tasted this... Mostly we opt for pickle. nice click btw

  5. Slurp, tangy rice.. We get citron here but they are not as much as tastier like we get in India..

  6. We all love it,.Aunty makes it superb ! Must try on my own once :)

  7. it has been ages since I had this Rice.. my mother in law used to do it.. looks wonderful

  8. Very nice dear!!! my mum makes pickles out of this citron,,,,

  9. what is narthangai ? can I use lemon instead ?

  10. Very nice. I also make this.
    Citron pickle will be yum. Do you make it?

  11. Beautiful clicks, love the idea!

  12. this is simple one, please try what i do , my grand ma recipe.instead of oil use ghee to temper and roast little black pepper and jeera,and crush with a pestle.not to make fine powder.add this powder lastly mix well. you can fry cashewnuts while adding channa dal. try and message me.


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