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Sunday, April 20, 2014

khara paniyaram, vendhaya dosai, podi, chutney
It was a busy long weekend here, with lots of shopping for my birthdayWinking. Though lots of cooking is there, I did not clicked anything for lunch menu series as I almost repeated my usual menus, so didn’t plan for a new one and click. So I clicked this breakfast menu yesterday. I ground for vendhaya dosai and adai on friday – vendhaya dosai, for saturday and adai for friday dinner. As friday was holiday and we went for shopping, we had some evening snacks at a restaurant and when we came back home, no one was that hungry. So I knew, no one will eat properly and reserved some adai batter without adding onion and saved it in fridge for the next day. So the next day morning, I made vendhaya dosai and khara paniyarams with the reserved adai batter for breakfast. We usually make khara paniyaram along with sweet paniyaram for dinner, but this one is to make use of the batter. I added some bits of fresh coconut and it was awesome.

Khara paniyaram, vendhaya dosai, Chutney, Podi

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 12 hr     |  Cook time: 45 mins    |  Serves: 4

  1. The before day, soak for vendhaya dosa and for khara paniyaram. For khara paniyaram, you can soak early morning on wake up and grind after 3 hrs and make in the morning too. But this saves time and will be handy in the morning, making your job easy.
  2. Grind for dosa in grinder and keep overnight for fermentation. Grind for khara paniyaram and keep for an hour outside and then keep refrigerated.
  3. Peel garlic for the poondu milagai podi. Grate coconut for chutney and milagai podi as well.
  4. Temper for coconut chutney. Roast chilli for poondu milagai podi, cool and first grind this. Grind coconut chutney and mix it with the tempered items. (I roasted some channa dal and used ripe chilli for grinding this coconut chutney)
  5. When your family is ready, heat the dosa pan and paniyaram pan side by side and make for them and serve hot.

Breakfast with vendhaya dosa, khara paniyaram, poondu milagai podi and chutney!

Get the recipes by following the links below:
  1. Vendhaya dosai recipe
  2. Poondu milagai podi recipe
  3. Khara paniyaram recipe (scroll down)
  4. Coconut chutney (ginger flavored)
For vendhaya dosa, poondu milagai podi is the perfect side dish. I love it to have it with buttermilk or fresh curd too along with this. For this summer, vendhaya dosa is good for cooling your body too.
Check this sponge dosa recipe and sweet paniyaram recipe too.
Happy Sunday everyone! Cool

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  1. Dosa looks soo spongy...comforting breakfast.

  2. many more happy returns of the day in advance!

  3. spongy dosai with podi ..lovely combo .lots of shopping :P

  4. Happy birthday.Looks delicious.

  5. Happy birthday in advance. Waiting for birthday special recipe

  6. Hey Raji..are you familiar with 'Vendhaya Idli' recipe too?,...unlike dosa... this is made entirely with Vendhayam...and aamamakku vidai ( castor oil seeds). Do share the recipe if you happen to have..:)
    BTW love your website.....one of your million fans...:)

  7. hi can we make khara paniyaram batter the previous night and keep it in the fridge or should it be made only on the day of making it??

    1. You can refrigerate and make next day :)

  8. Hey sorry just seeing this query, sorry I dont know, but sounds interesting.


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