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Friday, May 23, 2014

coconut chuteny recipe
‘Coconut chutney’ is a very easy and common side dish made in South Indian households. Though mainly for idli and dosa, its also best for pongal, vadai, upma etc. I have been thinking how to post this basic and simple recipe here. But many of the readers who are beginners/ new to cooking ask me how to make coconut chutney. So I think its high time to post this one here. I think the recipe is so simple and easy that can be made in a jiffy, there are lots and lots of variations that can be done with this basic recipe. So the notes will be longer than the recipe. Tongue Also few tips and tricks for making perfect tasty chutney.

Coconut chutney recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Side dish
Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 2 mins    Serves: 3


Grated coconut - 1/2 cup

Fried gram dal (pottukadalai) - 2 tblsp

Green chillies - 2

Salt & Water - As needed

To temper

Oil - 1 tsp

Mustard - 3/4 tsp

Urad dal - 1 tsp

Curry leaves - 1 sprig


  1. Grate coconut, place it along with chilli, fried gram dal, salt and little water in a blender to grind it until smooth or desired consistency.1-how-to-make-chutney


  • Always use freshly broken and scrapped coconut for best tasting chutney. Dont use dried up coconut.
  • If the coconut is little bit on the tender side, then it will taste great.
  • How to troubleshoot  a watery chutney? – Add more grated coconut or little more fried gram dal and grind it again. Adjust salt and chilli accordingly.
  • My chutney is not white, why? – Do not scrap the coconut with the brown part, scrap carefully only the white part. Do not add more fried gram dal or chilli, which will also affect the colour.
  • Fresh and a bit tender coconut gives whitish chutney.
  • Add little milk for getting a rich and whiter chutney.
  • Add water carefully while grinding, you can add less while grinding and always can add more if needed later.
  • If you want chutney in runny side, add little more fried gram dal and grind it watery. If you want thick, then no need.
  • I sometimes never add fried gram dal also and grind with very less milk or water to make ‘getti chutney’.
  • Add a few drops of coconut oil and mix after grinding for a nice flavor or you can use coconut oil for tempering too.
  • Variations with this chutney : 
    * Add a small pinch of tamarind (Add more chilli to balance)
    *Add a garlic flake while grinding
    *Add a piece of ginger while grinding
    *Add a small onion (Shallots) while grinding
    *Add few curry leaves while grinding
    *Add a half sauteed tomato while grinding (Add more chilli to balance)
    *Add half sauteed onion while grinding
    *Add roasted channa dal in place of fried gram dal
    *Add roasted channa dal and red chillies in place of fried gram dal and green chillies.
    *Add roasted peanuts and red chillies in place of fried gram dal and red chillies.
    *Temper 2 tblsp finely chopped small onions
    *Fry some carrot and grind along to make carrot chutney
  • Do not use your hands while grinding if you are packing it and makes sure you temper the chutney as my mom / MIL says it keeps the chutney longer without getting spoilt.

That’s it, you can pair it up with Idli, Dosa, Pongal, kichadi, upma, adai, vadai, rava dosa etc.


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  1. N no of variations, coconut chutney rocks Like Raks :D

  2. this is exactly how I do it.. very fast and tasty chutney

  3. Valuable tips!! raks...

  4. Oh i was about to post the exact same one on my blog... lovely

  5. hi raks where u bought that chutney bowl tell me lz

  6. Coconut chutney looks super! Nice presentation, luv the coconut shell bowl!

  7. Synchronization i too made coconut chutneyb today.i addded coriander leaves .Good work Raks and ammadi😦 oru chutneyku ivvalavu tipssaa?

  8. Thankyou for such wonderful tips.

  9. Nice tips& tricks, looks so appealing..

  10. Simple and tasty chutney.

  11. Hi raks.. Can u pls suggest this chutney with frozen coconut ....bcz we don't get fresh coconut here...

    1. Hi Anu
      If u are using frozen coconut , then defrost it for 1 minute. And then repeat the process as above. Because I also do the chutney with frozen shredded coconut.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Amazing, ur also my favorite blogger. Ur picture presentation perfect. Steps easy to every one , coconut milk muruku receipe I don't know how to do? My kids favourite can u say how for this summer holiday I will do for them.


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