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Monday, May 19, 2014

I know this is quite simple to make, still how can I be without posting mango lassi when mangoes are in season. I just got a box of alphonso mangoes that are sweet, yellow and flavorful. So thought of making mango lassi and clicked to have mango lassi recipe here in my blog too. Nothing fancy, just make it when you have mangoes and curd. I am from the place which is famous for mangoes (Salem) but I am not a big fan of mangoes!! And trust me I have no idea why Salem is so famous for mangoes, I have not found anything special with the mangoes during my childhood. May be Salem produces lots of mangoes. Even my mom says the same. Anyways, here’s the simple mango lassi recipe and hang on for another interesting summer special recipe with mangoes.
mango lassi indian

Mango lassi recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Drink
Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 0 mins    Serves: 2


Mango pulp from 2 mangoes (I used alphonso) - 3/4 cup

Curd (plain yogurt) - 3/4 cup

Milk - 1/2 cup

Sugar - 3 tblsp

Elachi (optional) - 1


  1. Wash and slice the mangoes along the sides of the seed. Scoop the pulp with a spoon and collect 3/4 cup. Place it in blender with curd, milk,(both cold)  sugar and elachi(if desired). Blend until smooth and  serve immediately. You can add few icecubes if you want it super cold.1-mango-lassi


    • I used thick fresh curd so I used milk for making it in right consistency. So adjust milk quantity according to the thickness you want.
    • Also adjust sugar as per you choice and mangoes sweetness.
    • Do not let it stand out for long time, consume immediately as we are using milk. 

Yummy, thick, rich, filling mango lassi is perfect as drink for this hot summer!

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  1. my favourite Raji.. Lovely color.

  2. mango lassi . all time favorite, loved the click

  3. such a refreshing glass of lassi... always welcome...

  4. More than the recipe, your clicks make everything special Raks! Lovely colour.

  5. The glass looks super cute Raji. And the gorgeous yellow of the lassi makes me want to grab it off from the screen.

  6. Ahh, i so want that glass right now!!!! Awesomely tempting! :)

  7. very attractive and colorful..........yummy

  8. Colorful lassi...refreshing summer recipe..

  9. Colorful and tempting lassi...

  10. HAI raks post more icecream recipes

  11. Refreshing lassi, lovely clicks!

  12. I love love love mango lassi Raks. I make all versions of lassi during the respective seasons. Only I never ever get to take a pic as its gone as soon as I remove it from the Vitmamix container!
    Lovely colour!


  13. Hello Raks, been visiting your blog recently and enjoying your posts. My grandparents lived in Salem and I used to visit them every vacation. I have also heard the nursery rhyme, "Salethu Mambalam" and taught it to my kids. So when I saw your post, I googled it and wikipedia says Salem is one of the biggest producers of Mangoes in the entire world and malgova is a special variety raised only in Salem. There is a request for GI or geographical Identification registration for Salem Mangoes. My personal favorite when I lived in India used to be "Banganapalli Mangoes". I would not eat anything else but those. Keep on rocking!

  14. I have been visiting your blog recently and enjoying your posts. My grandparents lived in Salem & I spent many vacations with them as a child. I googled up Salem Mangoes after reading this post and wikipedia says Salem is one of the world's biggest producers of mangoes, apart from which, malgova mangoes are unique to Salem. My personal favorite when I lived in India used to be banganapalli mangoes. Keep on rocking!

  15. Lovely clicks and great lassi, love the color combo..picture perfect!


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