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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mysore masala dosai is one of the things in my to try in restaurants list that I  have planned in my trip to India this holidays. I have tasted only once I think that too I could not find any difference about the regular masala dosa and that one they served. But being a food blogger and a foodie, I have heard mysore masala dosa is different form the regular masala dosa, right from the dosa to the things that go inside the dosa. Last year I saw a youtube video which shows a roadside hotel, a man making dozens of these dosas at a time. With ease, with loads of butter and we forget about everything and instantly drool if we see that video. I saw him putting a red chutney over the dosa, with generous butter topping and masalas stuffed and served. The dosa is evenly browned and crisp, dense, thick than we do at homes.
And I get few requests once in a while to post dosa batter recipe and this mysore masala dosa recipe too, especially the red chutney which makes the spicy difference in this dosa. I referred this blog for red chutney and tried, though I changed the ratios as the first time I tired it, i got too thick chutney. As I told in the dosa post, this is the main post I wanted to post, before which I posted the dosa batter recipe separately as it would help many to grind it easily in mixie.

Mysore masala dosa recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 3 hr soaking time + 12 hr fermentation     |  Cook time: 25 mins    Serves: 4

Refer this Dosa recipe for the dosa batter.

For spicy red chutney to spread over the dosa


Channa dal - 3 tblsp

Dry Red chilli (long variety) - 7

Garlic - 5 flakes

Shallots/ small onion - 2

Salt - As needed

For the potato masala

Potatoes - 3, big sized

Onion - 1

Carrot, finely chopped (optional) - 2 tbslp

Green chilli - 2

Finely chopped ginger - 1 tblsp

Turmeric powder - 1/8 tsp

Salt - as per your taste

To temper

Oil - 1 tblsp

Mustard - 3/4 tsp

urad dal - 1 tsp

Channa dal - 2 tsp

Curry leaves - 1 sprig


  1. Wash and cut each potato into 4 and pressure cook with 1/2 cup water for 3 whistles. Peel off the skin and mash it well. Heat a pan with oil and temper with the items given under ‘to temper’ table in order. Let the cashews turn golden.
  2. 1-potato-masala
  3. Add chopped ginger, green chilli, onion, carrot and fry well for a minute. Add 1/4 cup water and turmeric.
  4. 2-potato-masala
  5. Add the mashed potatoes and mix well. Fry for 2-3 minutes, add oil if needed more.
  6. 3-potato-masala
  7. Roast channa dal and red chillies in medium flame with few drops of oil. Add shallots, garlic along with and fry for few minutes. Cool down and transfer to the mixer.
  8. 1-mysore-masala
  9. Grind it to a thick, yet spreadable chutney, with a little water. Heat dosa pan, spread the dosa batter evenly over the hot tawa, once the dosa is half cooked, add a tblsp of this chutney.
  10. 2-mysore-masala
  11. Spread it using the back of a spoon around the dosa. Add butter if you want and spread it evenly too as it melts and you can add oil alternatively.
  12. 3-mysore-masala
  13. Add 4 tblsp of the prepared aloo masala and its your option either to spread it slightly and fold the dosa or keep the masala and roll the dosa. No need to flip the dosa.
  14. 4-mysore-masala


    • Make sure to grind the chutney spicy to make the dosa perfectly spicy. Otherwise it will be like the regular masala dosa.
    • Adding butter sure enhances the taste and browning, but make sure you restrict yourself with only one or two.
    • I made with more channa dal first time and found it less spicy and too thick, so I have adjusted the ingredients accordingly in my recipe. So you may get more deep red coloured chutney when you try.

Serve with sambar and coconut chutney the evergreen combination, if you want, with a dollop of butter.



  1. Luk soo yummy n delicious....

  2. One of my fav dosa. Simply drooling

  3. if u visit bangalore u must visit MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Room). they serve the best ever masala dosas !!

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  10. Hi raks. Tempting dosas and btw where did u get ur pototo masher

  11. Hi Raks, Can you please share the recipes for sambar and that yummy red chutney on the side?

    1. You can find the sambar link there above the picture itself, just click over the word sambar. It will take you to the link. Red chutney recipe is here http://www.rakskitchen.net/2013/08/easy-onion-tomato-chutney-recipe-red.html

  12. raks.. even it is in my todo list for long :D lovely click

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  14. very delicious looks perfect

  15. Mysore masala is little thick inside wont be steamed properly but its brown on outside ..Def a different dosa than tamilnadu masala dosa .
    Yours looks perfect with lots of butter .

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  22. Nice dosas and good pics! Here in Bangalore they make 99 varieties of stuffing for the dosa (it's a street food). But I dont know what they use in the batter, because the dosa tastes and looks different from our normal dosa.

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  29. Whatever my be the receipe. It all depends upon rice and water that`s why mysore masala roast is very tasty in Janatha Hotel in Majaestic circle. More over generally masala roast are tasty in mysore and bangalore. Thuppa dosa is available and tasty in Taj mahal hotel in Mangalore.

  30. Very tempting and perfect clicks:)


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