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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Vazhaipoo vadai, sambar curry

For a while, I was ignoring the vazhaipoo (banana blossom) in Mustafa. I think what we get in Mustafa is from Malaysia and I found the in Laavan is from India and its so very different from the Malaysian vazhaipoo. Most of the time I buy and cook it within one or two days, otherwise it will be turning black. I make poriyal to make use of the big flower in one time. This time somehow craving for vazhaipoo vadai and its been a long time since I made vadai, so decided to make vadai and post it in lunch menu too. Since vazhaipoo cleaning and cutting process involves time, I made a simple menu, but a catch one, since it has vadai and these cute baby potato fry in it Big Grin.

Lunch menu 36 - Vazhaipoo vadai, Sambar, curry

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 2 Hr     |  Cook time: 1 Hr    |  Serves: 3
  1. Soak dal for vadai as soon as you finish your breakfast work.
  2. Pressure cook dal, baby potatoes in a pressure cooker if you have two separator containers. You can keep rice once this is done. Soak tamarind for sambar.
  3. Mean while you can start the cleaning and chopping of vazhaipoo. Since we are gonna use the outer part and only half of it, its wont take too much time. Keep it immersed in water with lemon juice or buttermilk until use.
  4. Clean and prepare broad beans for sambar, keep aside.
  5. Chop onion for sambar, vadai, a tomato for sambar and extract tamarind for sambar. Peel the potatoes and keep ready. Keep all other ingredients like curry leaves too ready.
  6. First prepare sambar and while it boils,  prepare small potato curry. Sambar will take a while until curry gets ready as broad beans takes some time to get cooked.
  7. Lastly, you can prepare vadai and keep ready before serving the lunch.

Serve avarakkai sambar, baby potato curry, vazhaipoo vadai along with rice and end your meal with buttermilk to keep yourself cool in this summer.
lunch menu rakskitchen

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Happy Weekend! Happy

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  1. what a spread. love your menu idea series.

  2. Pls pass ts plate to me...i grab it wtout any second thought....mom prepares vadai mom through ural...it gvs extra flavour to vadai....ur vadai bring back to tat memories

  3. Love the valaipoo vadai so much ...Whole meal is irresistible

  4. Love it!! Vazhai poo vadai is out of the world ........ Slurrppppp.......

  5. this looks fabulous! very pleasing menu

  6. super lunch menu, want to do for my lunch

  7. Tasty platter, the vadai is tooooo tempting.

  8. I was just thinking of Vaazhai Poo last week, when I made Paruppu Usili.
    I have to look for some at the the Indian store.
    I have some more ready-made rasam powder left, after which, I am going to try your recipe.


  9. The combination is pakka!! vaazhaipoo vadai I like it very much and my all time favourite sambar is avarakkai sambar.it gives special taste to the sambar.

  10. simple and tasty platter..

  11. you said you cooked dal and potato in pressure cooker using cooker seperator, mam I m too panning to buy cooker seperator .Plz suggest me which would be fine for a member of 3 .3l cooker or 5l cooker?.currently i m using 2.5l cookers for cooking dal and rice.

    1. Mine is 4litre prestige pressure cooker.


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