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Friday, June 6, 2014

Grape popsicle is one of Vj’s most favorite popsicle. He is big fan of fruitare. He used to say me to try this, with few instructions too. One is he needed grapes halved and added to the popsicle along with the juice while freezing. So when I gave recipes to thozhi magazine, I made this grape popsicle as he told and clicked. As I was in a hurry then, I could not take stepwise pictures, so now made it again for this post. The best thing I love about fresh fruit popsicles is, it tastes great to bite and eat tooLove Struck. Here’s the popsicle you can make your kids also consume fruits this summer. This is a scheduled post and for a month from now its gonna be scheduled posts and I may not be able to answer your queries promptly, will sure reply when ever I find time. Looking forward for family time at India, excited! :)

Grape popsicle recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Dessert
Prep Time: 12 hr Including freezing time    |  Cook time: 0 mins    Serves: 4


Grapes - 2 cups

Sugar - 4 tblsp

Water - 1/2 cup


  1. Wash and reserve few grapes and grind the grapes with water. Filter it through a metal strainer. Add sugar and dissolve completely.
  2. 1-grape-popsicle
  3. Fill 3/4th of the popsicle moulds with this juice and add few sliced grapes in each mould.
  4. 2-grape-popsicle
  5. Cover it with the lid/handles that comes with the popsicle moulds, or like me, cover it with cling wrap, slit in middle, insert the popsicle sticks and freeze it for minimum 12 hours. Once frozen hard, show the body of the popsicle moulds under running tap water for 30 seconds to remove the popsicles easily from the  moulds.
  6. 3-grape-popsicle


  • You can do it without adding water too, but u may need to add more sugar as it would be more tangy.
  • If not frozen properly, the stick wont hold the Popsicle while you take out.
  • You can add ginger while grinding to give it a twist.
  • Adjust sugar quantity as per your taste.

Enjoy the Popsicle this hot summer and stay hydrated! Cool

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  1. So nice, I am looking forward for your receipe. Have nice trip & get variety food idea to post us

  2. so refreshing... love to lick these!!

  3. welcome to india. nice recipe. and loved the halved grapes

  4. Yummy yummy.But cannot try now because of cough.i think adding lemon juice to this will be another variation.

  5. Nice work Raks and where we can get the popsicle moulds in Singapore ?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Grape Popsicles is my fav too:)

  8. Any time fav...looks so perfectly done!

  9. Coooolll Popsicle's....have a happy vacation.

  10. hi Rak's... loved to see these Popsicles... they took me back to the early child hood days where we used to taste "kuchi ice" from the street vendors.... seeing this grapes flavor, i was reminded of "semiya ice" and "javvarisi ice" which we used to love a lot..(hope u remember ;)) it will be of great help if u 'd post those recipes.... :)

  11. Hi Rak''s.. loved these Popsicles.... they took me back to the early childhood days where we used to taste "Kuchi ice" bought from the street vendors... this flavor reminded me of the "semia ice" and "javvarisi ice" which we loved a lot !! (hope u remember too !)... it will be of good help if you could post those recipes... :)

  12. Hi Rak's. ur receipes r really awesome. I liked ur grape popsicle very much. What's ur native place?

  13. its was very nice and easy recipe. my family enjoyed it very much, Just wanted to know where did you buy this silicone molds in Singapore?

    1. I got somewhere in Millenia walk, sorry for got the shop name and sorry for the late response, didnt see ur comment.

  14. Hai raks,

    Today I tried this popsicle, It really came out very well. Thanks for giving these different recipes with simple ingredients which everyone can try at once. we all enjoyed tasting this popsicle. Thx

  15. hi, this popsicle looks heavenly. Can I use readymade grape fruit juice??? Secondly, I have a request to make. Pls show how to make malai kulfi and northindian sweet pickles like sweet lime pickle ( the rajasthani sweet lime pickle of mother's recipe brand is soooo good) etc. thanks.

    1. Yeah you can use, it comes more icy than pulpy. Sure will try to post your requests.

  16. i am back again. would it be too much if i request you to make more popsicle recipes of other fruits coz for mango popsicle i don't know how much of pulp to use. Also, plsssss show how to make mango duets, orange duets, orange popsicle. oranges are available now in plenty love them all. Also, pls show how to make petha and batasha (the simple sugar candy offered as prasads). thanks a lot.


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