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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I made this ilaneer sorbet for the magazine, one among 30 recipes, but the moment I made and tasted this one, I decided I should blog this. I loved it so so muchLove Struck. It is one of the best I made it, I loved it more than the mango sorbet. It is best for this summer, good for you as well as tastes Out-Of-This-World!! The tender coconut is perfect to make a dessert. You would have heard about ilaneer payasam (tender coconut payasam) or may be tasted too. But have any one heard about or tasted ilaneer sorbet?? This is very very new and will make who ever tastes it for the first time, first spoon, to WOW. Its so soft, smooth and melts in mouth with amazing unbelievable taste. Its like eating a tasty, sweet snow Blushing. I know I am hyping too much, but sure this is worth a try. I too have never ever tasted this before I did it myself and had. I got this concept from a TV show which featured an icecream shop at chennai which serves unique icecream and sorbet flavors. So as a foodie and blogger, I am proud to present you this recipe. Simple with no fancy items, sure everyone can make this like a child’s play.

Ilaneer Sorbet recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Dessert
Prep Time: 12 Hrs including freezing time    |  Cook time: 0 mins    Serves: 2


Tender coconut - 1/2 cup

Tender coconut water - 1 cup

Sugar - 1/4 cup

Lemon juice (optional) - 1 tblsp


  1. First collect the tender coconut water and then cut open the coconut and scoop, collect the tender coconut using a spoon. Do not scrap the yellow part, gently scoop the tender coconut alone.
  2. 1-scoop,-grind
  3. Grind it with coconut water, sugar and lemon juice if desired until smooth. Transfer to a freezer safe box with lid and freeze for 3 hours.
  4. 2-freeze
  5. Take out every 1 hour after that and grind it smoothly. Repeat this hourly for 5 times minimum for a completely dream soft sorbet.
  6. 3-grind
  7. Then again freeze overnight and scoop and serve it the next day.
  8. 4-scoop


    • How much ever you grind the sorbet, you get the smooth texture like ice cream. I know its a messy job, but no other way. (think about the best part, licking it each time Tongue)
    • I used a fork to dig the sides of the frozen sorbet for breaking it for grinding. You can use any hard thing to do the same. I made very little so for was enough.
    • This recipe can be halved to make 3 scoops, like what I did.
    • I have made this without lemon and tastes great too. Actually I like it without lemon better as we get the full taste of the tender coconut.
    • You can make this by churning it in an ice cream maker as per the instructions given along it.

I freeze the serving bowls too before serving, it keeps the sorbet longer without melting. Helps in keeping it firm until I picture tooBig Grin.

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  1. ahaa writing laye temp panrenga... very nice.

  2. Yum yum.. Feel like tasting a spoon

  3. Awww...yummmest recipe ever..........Thanks Raks ....wil try it today :-)Eeee...... super excited!

  4. BTW,how long or for how many days will tis stay good?

    1. As long as you keep it in freezer, it will keep good :)

  5. Romba kalakareenga. i remember eating in Salem lat year a shop which sells icecream in all these types. Too nice. One was tender coconut icecream..

    1. Oh is it so? Which shop Durga, I will try to go this time

    2. i will find from my bil and let you know soon.By the by what is thattu vadai set.Do u know the recipe and how will it taste?

    3. I think its NATURALS ice cream. There we get tender coconut ice cream and it tastes yummyyyy

  6. Luking yummy and delicious. vil try soon...

  7. This is simply too good, I've tasted elaneer payasam and elaneer ice cream too, love the flavor, but never thought of trying it at home, you have inspired me to do it now..

  8. I have tasted it in pondicherry nature icecream parlor..it was yum.Good to see you used fresh tender coconut..

  9. Wow.. such a refreshing sorbet.. BOOKMARKED RAKS

  10. Yummy and refreshing recipe...

  11. Yes.. I have tasted Naturals tender coconut icecream in bangalore.. its original flavor

  12. Looks so good...looks like a cute snow ball, Lovely idea!

  13. Pls, also blog all the remaining recipes... or tell me which months supplement i will try to get it from my friend.

  14. Wow! Mouthwatering!!! Will definitely try it out soon..:)


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