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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I know my readers have been expecting this recipe for a long time now. Really long time, for years. I wanted to post it for long time too, as my readers Google and search as “ Badam kheer Raks kitchen”. Still it took this much long for me to post this, I am really sorry. But now I got a chance to try this dessert for a friend who came here for a short stay. I also wanted to picture this in the new serving bowl set I got from Currim boysBig Grin.  I am making this for only may be second time in my life, so curelessly I made with 1/2 cup of badam and got a lot of kheer that I kept in the fridge and had for few days Rolling Eyes. So I have halved the recipe here to keep it simple.  And this post is on time for Ramzan, and I wish all the reader friends who ever celebrating a Happy Ramzan Party
I will post the vada curry recipe, next, I promise Batting Eyelashes.

Badam Kheer recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Dessert
Prep Time: 15 mins    |  Cook time: 25 mins    Serves: 4


Badam / Almonds - 1/4 cup

Milk - 2 & 1/2  cups

Saffron - A pinch

Cardamom - 1

Sugar - 1/4 cup

Ghee - 2 tslp


  1. Bowl milk and soak the saffron separately in lukewarm milk. Keep boiling the milk in low flame.
  2. 4-boil
  3. Boil water and add almonds to it. Let it boil for a minute. Switch off the stove, drain and wash under tap water to cool down.
  4. 1-blanch
  5. Now you will be able to peel off the skin. Peel all the almonds.
  6. 2-peel
  7. Reserve some 6 almonds for garnish. Grind rest of the almonds with little milk to a smooth paste.
  8. 3-paste
  9. Add the ground almond paste, soaked saffron and sugar and mix well.Bowl until you get the desired consistency. Keep stirring every now and then, to avoid burnt bottom. It could take around 8 to 10 minutes in medium flame.
  10. 5-boil
  11. Slice the reserved almonds into thin strips. Heat ghee in a pan and fry the almonds for a minute and add it to the boiling kheer. Switch off the flame.
  12. 6-fry


    • Adjust sugar as per your need.
    • The consistency can be adjusted as per your wish. If you want more thicker side, use less milk.If you want it like badam milk, you can use less badam.
    • Be generous in adding elachi and saffron as it lends a nice flavor to this kheer. Otherwise the smell of almonds may be dominating.
    • Tastes best when served chilled, preferable the next day.
    • If you want to make badam milk, add a small piece of cinnamon, 1 clove and a mustard size edible camphor to the boiling milk and reduce the badam to half.

Serve chilled as it taste best when served chilled. I love this badam kheer especially with the badam garnish which adds a nice touch this here and there.

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  1. Lovely presentation and yummy kheer.

  2. Hi Raks,
    Thanks for a simple yet delicious recipe...I celebrate Ramzan...so was just thinking to make somthing
    special instead of semiya paysam....Id Mubaarak!!!

  3. Hi Raks

    Though I have been trying your recipes for a while now, this is the first time I am writing a comment. You are my saviour all the time. ...I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ..Today I have a pooja at my place and my mil asked me to prepare Badam milk.so i logged into ur blog and whooa this is the first recipe that I come upon....keep up the good work...you are an inspiration for beginners like me....thank you once again

    1. Oh wow, thats cool :) Keep visiting !!

  4. Hi Raks
    Nice clicks... I think you should do a props tour post. Also a styling and photography post sometime!Your posts are very inspiring to bloggers like me!

  5. Hi raks...my most fav recipe....if u don mind can u suggest which milk in spore can use...i try some fresh milk but it taste difrn for my kids....thank u...

    1. Meiji fresh milk and magnolia fresh milk is good. Don't buy the cartons. Its only good for making curd. Always buy fresh milk.

  6. Sure ur guests will luv ur serving bowls...soo soo cute....

  7. hi raks..

    ur badam kheer luks so yummy..gonna try dis today..ur serving bowl looks sooo gud ..
    urs was the 1st food blog that i used to follow..n now the list continues wit yummy tummy aarthi..jeyashri's.. sharmi's too..

  8. Hi nice recipe.can we make it in bulk and keep it refrigerated .then how many days we can store?

    1. Yes it was good for 4 days after that it got over.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi raks
    Thanks for all the recipe.. 😃 I'm the learner .. Every day I used to login Ur blog Nd then only Will prepare dishes ..all ma colleagues loved ma cooking ... They used comment I'm getting ready for mrg.. All Credits goes to you only .. Thanks
    I used to suggest Ur blog for ma friends who don't know cooking Nd who got newly married ..... 😃

  11. Mmm...delicious looking badam kheer...love it..and the dessert cups look beautiful

  12. Thank you so much for post this receipe , my daughters favourite her birthday tomorrow. I am looking forward for this item in your blog. Ur picture was superb ur always rocking rak ;-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-):-)

  13. Awesome Sis....... I am one among those who search in google with the tag "Badam kheer raks kitchen". But now I have read every single recipe in ur blog and tried some. Obviosly the results were amazing....... Keep going.. :-)

  14. Yummy kheer and beautiful and cute bowls...

  15. Yummy! I am gonna 'have to' make this one.
    Peace :)

  16. Super duper hit in my house thanks I did Ctrl+x and ctrl+v frm ur recipe everyone relished it ........

  17. I added chopped red apples into my kheer n it tasted awesome..kids would love it. Healthy na

  18. Hi raks
    Can I freeze this and use as kulfi

    1. It will be good, add more sugar. It could be slightly flaky.

  19. Recipe looks really good. Just wanted to know is it a good idea to skip saffron?

    1. Please do add it. It gives best flavour with badam.


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