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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dosa, vada curry, mint chutney

Before I went to Chennai this time, for a while I made list of places where I should go, what I should buy, what I should eat etc… Yes, when ever I go to India, many things will be in my mind that flashes now and then but will forget everything when I go there. So I make a list. The shops I should go and buy cloths, the restaurant I should go and eat, the places I should go and see… Though I make a big list, I will be able to do only few things. Still no regrets, there is always the next timeRaised Eyebrow. So this time, eating vada curry is one such thing in my to try list in restaurant.
So once when we went to Anna nagar for shopping, we went to Saravana bhavan and I ordered this set dosa with the choice of vada curry. And this is the first time I am eating vada curry in a restaurant. It was very mild looking and tasting similar to mixed veg kurma. I could not see any vada in that, everything looked mashed up. I don’t know if that’s how its supposed to be, still loved it. It was completely different from what I posted here as vada curry recipe. When I posted that recipe itself, two readers (Vilasini & Viji) had left their recipes, asking me to try and both were very authentic. I loved that concept of steaming too as its less fat. I guessed that would come out similar to what I tasted in saravana bhavan. So I tried it that way this time and surprisingly I could totally relate to the vada curry I ate and it was delicious. And I will post this separately as a new post sure tomorrow or Tuesday. Now on to how I prepared this breakfast menu.

Dosa, vada curry, mint chutney - breakfast menu 11

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 12 hr     |  Cook time:1 hr    |  Serves: 4

  1. You have to soak and grind for idli/ dosa batter the before day itself and keep the batter ready for next day. The next day, on wake up, soak channa dal for vada curry (mininum 3 hrs).
  2. After 3 hours, grind and steam for vada curry. While its steaming do the chopping works. Onion and tomato for vada curry and mint chutney. Clean mint leaves for mint chutney.
  3. Keep all the ingredients like coriander, curry and mint leaves for garnishing, ready. Once the steamed vadas are ready, mash it and keep it ready as well.
  4. Heat kadai, roast for mint chutney, temper for mint chutney, saute for mint chutney. Cool it as side.
  5. Next prepare vada curry and let it be simmered in a stove. Meanwhile which you can grind mint chutney.
  6. Once vada curry is ready, when ever your family is ready for breakfast make dosa hot. Remember, for vada curry, soft thick dosas are perfect match.
Breakfast with vada curry, dosa and chutney. I added up a filter coffee to make it more appealing, but its optional to serve along breakfast.

south indian breakfast menu ideas

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  1. Idli dosa batter
  2. Vada curry recipe ( Will post this version next)
  3. Mint chutney with onion tomato
  4. Filter coffee recipe.
I didn’t had coconut, if I had I would have made coconut chutney to go with this. Check out the other chutney recipes too.



  1. vada curry looks yummy.....my fav...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Vada curry - my favorite!
    Thanks for making me hungry :)

    Peace :)

  4. Vada curry:-) what a delicious breakfsst

  5. Vada curry the authentic food of Chennai.Very tasty .......mmmmmm.Thank u for ur post.
    Nice combo with coffee.Love ur post.

  6. Hi tasty vadacurry.love it with appam.try it with appam.u ll fall in love for that combo.


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