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Navratri recipes

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ever since Sowmya (a reader, who is a great photographer) asked me to come up with a vegetarian version by sending the sunny side up in these colourful capsicums, I really wanted to make something and post. But never dared to try. Now a month back, I tried besan cheela within these and it tasted awesome. But I wanted to replicate the looks of sunny side up in the colourful capsicums. So came up with this idea. It may not be great idea , but I am happy for trying :) If you have tri coloured capsicums, you can make these for your kids as snack. You can also try the besan flour version. I closed and cooked these so, it got fried downside and got steamed on the upper side. If you want, you can flip, but I wanted the batter to maintain its white colour, so I covered and cooked.

Vegetarian sunny side up in capsicum recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 15 mins excluding batter prep    |  Cook time: 5 mins   per batch Serves: 3


Tri coloured capsicum - 1 in each colour

Idli dosa batter - 2 cups

Potato masala - 3/4 cup

Coriander leaves - as need for garnish

Oil - As needed


  1. Slice the capsicum carefully without breaking. Use big and sharp knife. Let it be thick enough to hold the batter.
  2. 1-capsicum
  3. Heat a tawa and smear with some oil. Arrange the capsicums. Pour the batter into each carefully.
  4. 2-arrange
  5. Let the flame be in low. Spoon the masala in the centre of each, make sure you do not disturb the white part/ shape.
  6. 3-masala
  7. Cook covered in low flame, add more oil if needed and check if its done by inserting tooth pick or knife carefully and use a spatula to take it out. Flip if desired.
  8. 4-cook


    • Make sure flame is the lowest to ensure cooking.
    • Do not cut the capsicum too thick as you  may end up using more batter, then getting cooked will be a problem.
    • If flipping, no need to cook covered.

Serve hot with chutney and sambar. I served with sambar alone. It was good like a steamed masala dosa. You can make this carrot chutney as side dish to make it more colourful.
indian-style-veg-sunny-side up

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  1. :-) interesting and innovative idea

  2. Very innovative... N surely a hit with children...

  3. Very innovative super recipe

  4. very nice recipe and looks very appetizing!!!!!

  5. Innovative eggless sunny side up;)

  6. Interesting recipe raks...

  7. Nice colorful way to have dosa's..thanks for sharing..plz do visit my blog dear..


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