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Sunday, August 3, 2014

south indian lunch recipes
Today is aadi perukku / aadi 18 and like I made this aadi perukku lunch menu last year, this year too, being a Sunday, I made special lunch and offered God. But unfortunately Vj had to go for work today, so I finished cooking soon and he had directly lunch and left to office. This lunch menu is similar to the full meals I had already posted, so I am not elaborating on how I prepared this menu. Just I am linking the recipes. Though I made sambar, rasam, curry, kootu, I offered God only the items that had no onions in it. Apart from this lunch offering, we pray early in the morning too, with raw rice soaked with jaggery and tie yellow thread too around neck.

aadi perukku customs

And here is how my mom, performs her pooja at the motta maadi (Terrace) in our home at Salem, assuming as the holy river bank Cauveri . She brings manal (river sand) and makes a square out of it and keeps manjal pillayar ( Ganesh made out of turmeric powder) and offers the fruits, rice soaked and mixed with jaggery, a black glass bangle coupled with pink tainted dried palm leaf strip, a new saree with blouse bit, some jewels, mirror, flowers, etc..along with the holy yellow thread above.

Check out the links below. Our lunch had the following items
  1. Paruppu (Dal in south Indian style)
  2. Carrot thayir pachadi (Carrot raita)
  3. Potato curry recipe
  4. Cabbage kootu recipe
  5. Cluster beans sambar (Check similar broad beans sambar recipe)
  6. Rasam recipe
  7. Ulundhu vadai recipe
  8. Vendakkai varuval recipe (crispy ladies finger fries)
  9. Aval payasam recipe ( Poha payasam) - I made with sugar this time
  10. Appalam
  11. Curd
  12. Pickle recipes

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  1. New custom Rak i am knowing from u.We Tanjoreans do the pooja in the kinathadi.

    1. Right, here we dont have kinaru so near sintex tank in motta maadi :D

    2. Here in Singapore both of us can take a sombu of water and offer it to God or show deeparathanai to Kitchen sink tap.In some way water should be worshipped right?

  2. Wat a spread, am drooling..

  3. Looks so good...Lovely spread too!

  4. Thats so wonderful lunch ...looks so so good


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