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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I have only one time experience in making seepu seedai. I cannot say making, I have to say helping experienceTongue. That too when I was in my 6th standard or something like that. My mom has that wooden log meant for making this seedai with stripes in it. I had no clue what went into the dough or anything, just helped in making shapes. But I remember well that it tasted awesome!  We make it same as our magizhapoo thenkuzhal dough but shape different and give it a sweet twist too. I like that twist a lot actually. I know its not common to see that sweet version, who ever know about seepu seedai sure know it as only a savory snack. So I too made the salt version major, but sure did sweet too, how can I not make my favorite when I am putting so much effort! Its just the finishing step where we can make it sweet, so I made a small sweet batch too.  I have to disclaim you that this is not the authentic chettinad version of making, but our own way of making seepu seedai. Actually I made it today bit modified from the way mom does too.
This is a bit time consuming, so better have a helping hand and start making it. Do not make more than 2 cups, otherwise you will have a broken backLaughing.

Seepu seedai | Krishna jayanthi recipes

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snacks
Prep Time: 45 mins    |  Cook time: 35 mins    Makes: 4 cups


Rice flour / Idiyappam flour - 2 cups

Roasted, powdered urad dal flour - 1/4 cup

Roasted, powder moong dal flour - 1/4 cup

Coconut milk - 1/4 cup approx.

Salt - As needed

Oil - For deep frying

Powdered sugar(optional) - As needed


  1. I used readymade rice flour (idiyappam flour) and urad dal flour, So if you want to make urad dal flour, roast it, cool and powder it as I have did for moong dal. If coarse, sieve it.
  2. 1-powder
  3. Grind 3/4 cup of coconut with little (little less than 1/4 cup) warm water and grind it smoothly. Extract coconut milk.
  4. 2-coconut-milk
  5. Place the flours, salt in a mixing bowl and add 2 tsp oil. Add 1/4 cup coconut milk to it and and mix well. Sprinkle water (may need more than a cup) and make to a smooth dough without any cracks. Also it should not be sticky.
  6. 3-dough
  7. Keep dough covered all the times. Take the flat plate with ridges for the  murukku press, fill it with dough and make strips in a clean kitchen towel or counter top.  If breaks, sprinkle more water and knead again to make it smooth. Draw the tapes all over.
  8. 4-tape
  9. Cut each tape into smaller strips, so that each strip can just cover your fore finger if you roll over it. Join the ends of the strips around your finger to make cylinders.
  10. 5-shape
  11. Repeat the same to finish the dough. Heat kadai with oil, when the oil is hot, drop the seedais and put the flame to medium. You can fry 15 to 20 depending on the size of kadai and oil you use. Cook with frequent turning to ensure even cooking. It will take long time to cook.
  12. 6-fry
  13. At one point, the bubble with cease and shhh… sound stops, so you can know its done. Drain to paper towel. Repeat to finish frying the seedais.
  14. 7-drain
  15. Optional : I made smaller strips and just made the cylinders narrower and fried. I tossed this with powdered sugar as soon as I drain from oil. This is sweet version of the seepu seedai.
  16. 8-sweet


    • If you use coarse rice flour, then the murukku breaks. So make sure using finest rice flour.
    • For even mixing, you can even sieve(sift) the flours before adding wet ingredients.
    • Do not add more coconut milk, urad flour or moong flour than mentioned, which may lead to hard murukku.
    • While rolling, donot overlay more as it will lead to uneven cooking.
    • Do not roll too big as it may not hold the circular shape.
    • You can mix coconut oil little in the deep frying oil for extra flavor!
    • Check the crispiness only after it cools down completely.

Store in an airtight box and enjoy it as tea time snack. The flavor and taste is best from the next day.

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  1. This is quite interesting. Recently got this in a gift bag ,when i attended a chettinad function.U did pretty well

  2. Yeah we always make savoury version. I love a lot that sweet lovely recipe

  3. one of my fav.. I have Asked for the disc from my mum however the sweet version is new to me.. my mum version also very similar.. will try this soon

  4. One of my fav....but i m bit scared of making as it is a big process....luks ths one is simple...planning to dig in asap.....

  5. Never heard about this.. Looks delicious

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Super.....nice clicks...wish to hav the sweet one...

  8. Our traditional snack looks so inviting .I never asked my mom for the recipe.Tempting seepu seedai traditional chettinad snack .

  9. Never heard about it... You have made it perfectly... really wanted to try...

  10. New recipe for krishna jayanthi thank you raks

  11. Something very new to me...Looks very nice and tempting

  12. I thought it is made using a new comb.

  13. Can we you milk instead of coconut milk?


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