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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Atta halwa recipe is one of the easiest sweet that can be  made in a jiffy. This was told by my friend Sangeeta as Atta kesari. I could relate the texture to kesari, so may be it’s named so. I love the south Indian wheat halwa, I recently tried and will be posting soon as well. This north Indian atta halwa is on contrast to it, this takes very less time to prepare where that is time consuming. Both are totally different in texture, taste and flavour. But I liked both. I loved the simplicity in this method and this can be quickly done, which I loved the most. So you can prepare this for your guests visiting for GoluBlushing.

Easy atta halwa recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweet
Prep Time: 2 mins    |  Cook time: 8 mins    Serves: 4


Atta / wheat flour - 1/2 cup

Sugar - 1/2 cup

Water - 1/2 cup

Ghee - 1/4 cup + more if needed

Cardamom powder - A pinch

Cashew nuts - 5

Badam (Optional) - For Garnishing

Salt - A pinch


  1. Measure and keep all the ingredients ready. Heat a non stick pan, add ghee (add cashew nuts and fry till golden *if adding*), followed by flour.
  2. 1-ghee
  3. Keep stirring in low or medium flame to ensure even browning. Roast until the colour changes slightly red and nice aroma rises. Take care not to burn by putting flame in high.
  4. 2-roast
  5. Add water with salt, keep stirring while you pour. It will become thick and get cooked soon. Add sugar and mix.
  6. 3-cook
  7. Flame should be in low or medium at all the times. Keep stirring until it turns glossy and ghee oozes out. Takes hardly 2-3 minutes.
  8. 4-ready


    • If ghee is less, add more. Do not reduce ghee as while you add water, it may form lumps.
    • Reduce sugar as per your need. I am sweet toothed. Salt is optional, but it enhances the sweetness.
    • I didn’t add cardamom or nuts as Vj is not a big fan of it.
    • I made only 1/2 the quantity as mentioned above just for 2 of us. So perfect for making in a jiffy when you have sudden sweet cravings. 

Delicious, rich, atta halwa AKA atta kesari as my friend names it is ready in no time.


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  1. Super tempting. I get every year from my friends during navratri, but nothing looked divine like this. Yummy halwa

  2. Looks so yum and delicious..love it

  3. Main aj hi try krongi... :) thanku.

  4. Ap konse quality k aata use karte h

  5. looks so yumm. I make it in the same way for my kids.. lovely :)

  6. How and when to add ghee if needed pls at what stage we can add the ghee (extra)

    1. While roasting itself you should add the required ghee. The flour should not be dry while you fry, so add accordingly. But as mentioned in the recipe, it should be perfect.

  7. I make it in d same way :).

  8. Can't wait to try this. I have had this in Gurudhwaras. Wanted to know the exact recipe. Thanks for posting.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Raks please post sweet bonda recipe.

  11. I tried.It came perfectly.Thanks a lot!

  12. Lovely .. Instead of water add milk. It tastes divine..we make this every time when we have surprise guests at home.

  13. Hi raks akka
    today i made this halwa and it came out well.....
    My dad and mom loved it....... thank u for this lovely and easy sweet.

  14. thanks for the super easy n yummy recipe raks :) plz share some tips for perfect cake baking..

  15. Shall we add kesar color in this recipe or normaly coloring will appear in the halwa while roasting.
    How many days we can store in refrigerator?
    Shall I make 3 days be4 deewali?

    1. I have not added any colour, if you want you can add. Halwa can be made very quickly, so I recommend making freshly. Refrigerating makes bit dry.

  16. Ok.thanks for your reply raks

  17. Tried the alwa today. Loved it. Thanks for the recipe .......

  18. Perfect Halwa recipe dear! Very tempting

  19. Hi, Can we add jaggery instead of sugar?

  20. Tried this recipe. Came out perfect! Thank you.

  21. delicious one.tried and came out really well :)

  22. Hi Rak, thanks for sharing this recipe. Does this come out firm enough to cut into pieces? Thanks. Waiting to try it out.

    1. If you increase the water we add, you may be able to do that I guess

  23. I made this on our 60 days completion of happy married life and my husband loved it. I was fingers crossed and searched your blog for an interesting sweet and this caught my eyes. Thanks Raks for such a simple and delicious recipe, I had all the ingredients readily at home and it came out fantastic.

  24. Can I try the same recipe with Multigrain atta?


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