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Thursday, September 25, 2014

For past few years, I have started keeping kolu at my home here in Singapore. I have grown seeing my mom keeping kolu every year and inspired by her to do here as I love this a lot. As a kid, I never understood the work behind all these preparations for keeping kolu. Just enjoyed it, helping mom to arrange. Now my mom, inspite of her health conditions, never fail to keep kolu and have the same interest as she used to be when I was a kid. Amma, you are a true inspiration to me. These days, when I have skype call with her, she shows all her hand work, pre preparations for kolu and I was totally awestruck by her enthusiasm and creativity, that too with the material constrains she have! My mom is equally excited and coping up with my niece kid Raksha. She instructs my mom from Bangalore and my mom have specially arranged a mini kolu for her sake in addition to the regular kolu she has kept.
I know there are so many people keeping kolu and are with extra oardinary talents and they put amazing display of kolu, but for me, my world, my mom’s is the best and I always admire that, I always get inspired from her, I always get energised by her. Now a days, my dad only helps her with the arrangements and they keep saying one another as senior engineer for this sake. I know many of you wondering what I am doing this year, I am yet to set up my kolu, this year, last three days alone, as we have planned for a holiday trip to Vietnam as Aj’s exams are over and he has got a term break. Will be back from vacation and after setting my kolu, I will share the pictures with you all!

Now these are some ideas for Navaratri special sundal recipes and snack, sweet ideas that you can give as prasadam for the guests visiting your house. Just dont forget to soak the legumes when ever needed, as some needs 12 hours soaking time for easy cooking, depending on the sundal you choose for the next day. Sundal doesnt take much time to cook, it take under 30 minutes to prepare, but other recipes you have to check individual for cooking time and prep time. For the idiyappam recipes, replace fresh idiyappam with instant sevai available in stores to make your job easy and quick. You can check this no onion no garlic recipe collections too.

Happy Navaratri !

Navaratri sundal recipes, Navratri snacks

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Festival recipes

Sundal recipes

verkadalai-sundal-recipe கொண்டகடலை-சுண்டல் Sweet sundal recipe pasi paruppu sundal recipe Rajma sundal recipe Channa dal sundal recipe
Karamani sundal Karuppu ulundhu sundal Kollu sundal

Sweet recipes

semiya kesari rava kesari paal kesari
kalkandu pongal சக்கரைப்  பொங்கல் thengai-payasam-with-rice
fruit kesari Mango kesari Aval kesari

Snacks/ rice / Sevai

ulundu vadai recipe  keerai vadai Ulundu bonda Maida bonda sabudana vada sabudana kichdi sweet and kara paniyaram millet paniyaram millet upma ven pongal  puliyogare recipe 1 lemon+rice-recipe coconut ricethayir-sadam-தயிர் சாதம் Puli aval Lemon aval Puli idiyappam pepper idiyappam vella idiyappam Thengai sevai



  1. yummy and mouthwatering collections....Superb...

  2. wish you happy Navaratri raks

  3. Raks mother should need no description. Thaayai pola pillai.Happy kolu and trip to you and regards to your parents.

  4. Wow what a amazing collection :-)


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