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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Puli sadam, mixed vegetable kootu

After 2 weeks break because of festive mood, I am here with another simple lunch menu that I made few days back with an almost going to empty vegetable tray in my fridge. I this time wanted to make the lunch menu in weekdays and schedule it for weekend instead of making last minute cooking and post after lunchNot talking. I added a cabbage vada to make this menu fancy. I took very little urad dal batter that I ground for idli dosa batter and refrigerated. It came only 4 vadas, perfect enough for the little organic cabbage left over in my fridge. This puli sadam is a recipe contributed by my friend Gayathri, my favorite since she brought it to our hostel in a big thooku. Her mom is so sweet enough to make and send it for every one. We dig-ed in and had for 2 days. yes, it keeps good for the next day too!

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Puli sadam, mix veg kootu -Lunch menu 45

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 30 mins     |  Cook time: 1 Hr mins     |  Serves: 4
  1. On wake up soak for vada. Grind after 3 hours and keep refrigerated and we can do this lastly before serving to serve it hot.
  2. After beakfast, while you are sitting, you can peel small onion and garlic for this puli sadam. Soak tamarind.
  3. Then when you enter kitchen for cooking lunch, keep rice, extract tamarind juice.
  4. Mean while, chop veggies, cabbage for vada. Cook the veggies for kootu. Chop the onion, garlic as needed.
  5. Grate coconut and grind for kootu. Finish cooking kootu.
  6. Keep all the other ingredients ready, like curry leaves, red chilli etc for tempering.
  7. First temper for kootu, mix and keep aside. Next prepare the puli sadam gravy.
  8. Mix the gravy with cooked/ cooled rice. Keep aside.
  9. Lastly when your family is ready for lunch fry vadams (if desired), mor milagai and make vadas lastly.
  10. I took 3/4th of the rice for tamarind rice and remaining for curd rice and kept the curd rice simple with just tempering.  

Lunch with puli sadam, mixed veg kootu, curd rice, cabbage vada and some homemade condiments to fill the plate.

Lunch menu 45

Have a great weekendLove Struck

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  1. Yummy menu.Will soon follow.i don't know whether you have tried or not but do make black eyed bean vadai.Very tasty and easy.

  2. Yum..... drooling my favorite always

  3. Mmm that is one delicious looking lunch!

  4. What a delicious Platter Raks:-)

  5. Super combinations. Simply superb.


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