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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sabudana vada is one of the most famous snack in Maharashtra. I have been to Pune once, but I feel really bad that I missed to taste this once to know this authentic taste of the vada. My little co-sis have told it will be really delicious as the live in Pune. I was thinking to try this for long time but never had a recipe, Finally my friend Sangeeta read my mind seems, she sent the picture of sabudana vada through whats app, that she made for a get together dinner. I really drooled over it. I asked for recipe and she sent it immediately, I was surprised by the simplicity of the recipe.

After trying sabudana kichdi, a similar ingredients for this as well, but I liked this one better, obviously, its deep fried, so sure it will be tastier. It is one of the vrat ka khana, so as Navratri is fast approaching, this would help many of you for making get together or for your family's evening snack. Its soft from inside and crispy outside, just no one can stop eating. Too good to resist!

Sabudana vada recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snack
Prep Time: 3 hrs    |  Cook time: 25 mins    Serves: 20  vadas


Sago - 1 cup

Potato - 2, small

Peanut - 1/4 cup

Green chilli - 2, chopped

Coriander leaves, chopped - 2 tblsp

Lemon juice - 2 tsp

Rice flour* - 1 tbsp

Salt - As needed

Oil - for deep frying 

*Avoid when fasting


  1. Soak sago for 3 – 4 hrs. My sago is black pepper sized. Depending on the size, the soaking time will differ. Cook potato just right as well.
  2. 1-soak-cook
  3. Roast the peanuts in medium flame to ensure even roasting. Cool down.If its with skin, remove skin.
  4. 2-roast
  5. Powder coarsely. Squeeze the sago properly, with out mashing it, peel potato, mash it, place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  6. 3-powder
  7. Mix everything, no need to add any water. It will form a dough together.
  8. 4-mix
  9. Make equal sized balls out of it and if you want you can make patties too ready and arrange in a plate while the oil is getting heated.Slide the patties and deep fry in medium flame.
  10. 5-shape
  11. Cook both sides golden brown. Drain in paper towel.6-fry


    • Soak just right, not too long. If you press the soaked sago in between two fingers, the centre should be soft.
    •  Overcooking will make the potatoes retain water and make the vada sticky and soggy.
    • Make sure the oil is hot while you drop the patties and later cook in medium flame to ensure even cooking.
    • Sago should be more and the potatoes is just to bind it together. So Use only one potato if its medium sized, mine was very small. so used 2.
    • Rice flour is for crispiness, do not skip it.
    • Use good quality sago, and minimum use the size I have used or more than that.

Serve hot, can have as such, if you want, try green chutney as side dish. The peanuts add a nice texture for this vada.

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  1. Oh God...it looks awesome Raks...Loved the crispness that I can make out from the pic itself!!! This is now vrat ka khaana...its feast ka khaana...Happy Navarathri to you and your family.


  2. Really it tempts to eat and looks very cute.

  3. u were rgt....ur pics made me drolling....crispy vada

  4. Ennanga ippa thaan cabbage vadai panninen.Athukulla ithai potta eppadi.Raks tempting too much with ur skills.

  5. Vada looks delicious. You did not mention when to add the Lemon juice

    1. Place everything, mix everything includes that :)

    2. I can't eat rice flour during my fasts..it's not allowed..is there any substitute of rice flour that i can add to make the vada crispy?

    3. Corn flour...you can coat it wid corn flour before deep frying

  6. This is one of your best posts. I want to dive into the website and gorge on the vadas they look beautiful...

  7. Looks delicious!! love that you have added peanuts...

  8. this photo is published in today's indian express paper titled navarathri special with your name

    1. Oh I see, thank you for letting me know :)

  9. i tried this and it came so well! thanks a lot

  10. Looks yummy and delicious

  11. Hi raks , did sabudana vada and aval kesari for. Saraswathi pooja.both tasted awesome, but vada began to burst before the golden Colour so had to remove ahead of it. Can u kindly clarify on this as what went wrong.

    1. You mean the sago bursted? May be sago did not soaked well? Or you made the vada by pressing too tight.

  12. Looks yummy.have to try.I prepare kichidi

  13. In Vrat food dont add rice flour .

  14. Very easy recipes.. will try it definitely thank u. Plz keep adding some more :-)

  15. Hi Raji,

    I wish to try this vadai for my daughter's birthday this month.
    My daughter is allergic to peanuts! Can you please reply if it's okay to skip the peanuts in the recipe without compromising on the taste and crispiness ?

    Thank You!


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