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Friday, October 10, 2014

easy pottukadalai murukku
Pottukadalai murukku is my long time wish to try. Pottukadalai / Roasted gram dal/ chutney dal / split roasted gram dal is an easily available ingredients in our households. We use it for chutneys mostly. When I was a kid, if we get to taste some store bought murukku, it will be having an unique flavor, which we don’t get in the thenkuzhal murukku we make usually. My mom used to say it is made with pottukadalai. Later we used to try the same at home. But always ended up in oil drunken soft murukkus. The mistake we did was adding too much of pottukadalai flour. So after many years, with some knowledge that we need less flour along with the rice flour more in ratio, I saw a recipe in my cookbook mom gave. But it involved wet grinding of the flour. I am yet to try that version but this instant version is really easy to adapt as we can buy store bought rice flour and just powder the pottukadalai we have at home and make this murukku anytime. This can be made so easily in a jiffy, I tried with less amount, you can make the same for this Diwali 2014 as snack. Everyone gonna love this one!
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I made this murukku with the press my MIL bought me in Kumbakonam Kumbeswarar temple street shops. She got one murukku press last year and loved it, so she wanted to buy me as well. It is small comparatively and even the plates have tiny holes than the regular ones. She loves tiny things and so do I. The murukkus made with tiny holes plated press is more whiter in colour, more crispier as it gets fried easily in the hot oil. Try yourself to see the difference.

Easy pottukadalai murukku recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snacks
Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 25 mins    Makes: 15


Rice flour(I used store bought) - 1 & 1/4 cup

Pottukadalai powder - 1/4 cup

Ajwain/ omam - 1 tsp

Asafoetida - a generous pinch

Hot oil - 1 tblsp

Salt - As needed


  1. Powder the pottukadali in a mixie and sieve it(not shown in picture). You can powder more than needed and store for future use.
  2. 1-powder
  3. Heat required oil in a kadai. Mean while you can make the dough. Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix well. Add hot oil from the kadai and mix well. Add water gradually and carefully to make a smooth dough.
  4. 2-mix
  5. I used the regular 3 eyed thenkuzhal plate for this, you can use the star shaped ones too. Fill the press 3/4th with the dough and sqeeze it either directly over the hot oil or over few greased ladles and then carefully flip to the oil. I did the later as I cant handle the heat when we squeeze over the hot oil as steam will be too hot. Also squeezing in ladle then transferring aids good shape. I always do this from the beginning which I learnt from my MIL. Make sure oil is hot enough by checking dropping a small piece of dough, it should come up immediately.
  6. 3-press
  7. I fried 3 at a time. Cook both sides until golden in colour in medium flame. Shh sound should cease and bubbles should be reduced.
  8. 4-fry
  9. Drain in paper towel and cool down before transferring to the airtight container.
  10. 5-drain


    • While flipping the murukku in hot oil, be gentle and careful otherwise hot oil will spill.
    • Oil should always be hot when you drop the murukkus, otherwise murukku will drink oil and be oily.
    • After dropping the murukku, cook the murukku in medium flame to ensure even cooking and golden colour murukkus.
    • You can replace ajwain with white sesame or jeera, but I like ajwain the best.
    • DO NOT add more oil in dough than required, otherwise the murukku will disintegrate in oil.
    • If murukku breaks while you press, then sprinkle little more water to make it smoother dough.
    • Keep the dough always covered to avoid drying. Also if doing in large quantity, I suggest you to do in smaller batches, otherwise if you make dough bulk and let it sit, the last murukkus will turn red.
    • Make sure you keep enough oil to fry the murukkus, otherwise, it will get burnt at the  bottom of the murukku.
    • Top up oil if needed when doing in large batches. But wait for oil to get hot again.

Enjoy these crispiest murukkus as snack along the coffee/ tea, the unique flavor of ajwain goes well with the pottukadalai murukku!

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  1. i can feel how crispy it is .mouth watering

  2. yummy murukku...we also make with wet grinding rice flour... but yours sounds good....

  3. Only today i thought of this and u posted it thanks.

  4. Super tempting murukku, very crispy too. Love the muruku uzhakku.

  5. Please inform the procedure for rice flour; whether it is the store bought one or the one which is made by soaking the rice at home

  6. Store bought works fine.

  7. tried this murukku..added litlle red chilly powder and jeeragam...very nice..thank you

  8. A perfect snack for a perfect evening

  9. Yummy...Please inform the procedure for rice flour home made...

  10. Love the clicks very much, murukku looks very tempting too!

  11. is it mandatory to sieve the pottu kadalai flour

  12. Tried out the murukku.Came out well.Thank you.

  13. Looks lovely, I am planning to try this recipe. Water is hot or cold ?

  14. is it raw rice flour or pulungu arisi flour

  15. Excellent Raks...... i have never made so tasty muruku ever in my life.... Thanks alot dear!!!!

  16. very tasty murukku,tried 2 times in 3 months, excellent texture, very easy with rice flour too.thanks for the recipe

  17. very tasty murukku,tried 2 times in last 2 months, everyone liked it,thanks for the easy recipe

  18. Hi, Tried the recipe but my muruku is little harder when we eat.What wrong it would be?

  19. If you take out the murukku before it is fully done, it turns harder. Make sure its cooked well. Cook in medium flame for long time to ensure its cooked well.

  20. Hi raks... Can I use butter instead of hot oil

    1. Sure, same softened butter one tbsp

  21. Hi raks... Can I use butter instead of hot oil..if possible tell the quantity

  22. Hi Raks .. thanks a Lot.. it came out real well for me but one doubt i always have is about the salt quantity. Some people felt the salt was a pinch more in the murukku I did.. so any tips on that ..
    I tasted the maavu powder after adding Salt and roughly added salt.

    Thanks for sharing clear and concrete information , step by step to help anyone and God Bless for this Good quality of yours..

    1. Yes you can make the salt taste little less before frying, then may be after frying it will taste right.

  23. Hi Raks, tried this murukku today, the taste was good, but did not hold its shape..... came out more like omapudi :(........ What could have gone wrong?

  24. Hi Raks, tried this murukku today, the taste was good, but did not hold its shape..... came out more like omapudi :(........ What could have gone wrong?

  25. Hi Raks, tried the murukku today. It tasted good, but did not hold shape.... it was more like omapudi, what could have gone wrong?

  26. Hi Raks, I cook very rarely and thought of making something special for Diwali and tried these murukkus - it came out really well. Thank you for the recipe.
    Just a suggestion, while writing recipes can you also include the amount of salt that you use? While I understand that salt used may differ but for a novice like me figuring out whether I need to use a pinch o salt or a spoon of salt itself is difficult.. :) :)

    1. Haha, I tried to add salt quantity for beginners, but got severe negative reactions from readers so stopped :D

  27. I tried this for Diwali. Everyone liked it and was praising about the crispness and taste of the murukku.My hubby's clients also liked it very much.Thanks for recipe.

  28. Great recipe ! Tried it, tweeted a little bit with ingredients like, cumin seeds and sesame seeds....

  29. Wet grinding gives better result than readymade flour.

  30. Madam. I need your help.. Your press is nice n small so where I can get this?

  31. Happy Diwali to you and your family! Your blog has become a holy cooking book for me :) I have tried several recipes from here and they have never failed. thanks a load for such detailed recipes. God bless you!


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