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Monday, October 13, 2014

I have heard about maa ladoo (pottukadalai urundai) made with chutney dal/ roasted gram dal through my grandma, but don’t remember tasting it. My grandma pronounces it as ‘Maa laadu’ instead ladoo/ ladduBlushing. Otherwise no clue about this ladoo. When I asked Vj he neither had any idea, nor had any likes towards it. Since I had some leftover pottukadalai maavu that I ground for pottukadalai murukku and butter murukku, thought of trying and making a post. I have heard pottu kadalai is very good for kids, so you can make this as snack for your kid. Easy fix for this Diwali too!
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Maa ladoo recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweets
Prep Time: 20 mins    |  Cook time: 5 mins    Makes: 14


Pottukadalai - 1 cup 

Sugar -  3/4 cup 

Ghee -  1/4 cup 

Cardamom/ ealchi -  1 

Cashew nuts -  8


  1. Powder pottukadalai first to a fine powder.
  2. Next powder sugar with elachi to a fine powder. Sieve pottukadalai to remove any unground/ coarse things from it.
  3. 2-maa-ladoo
  4. Heat ghee, fry cashew nuts until golden in colour. Place powdered pottukadalai, sugar in a mixing bowl, add the ghee with cashews to it and mix well.
  5. 3-maa-laddu
  6. Shape to rounds and arrange plate. If you are not able to shape it, add 1 or 2 tsp of ghee more and shape it.
  7. 4-pottukadalai-urundai


    • I always like my ladoos in sweeter side, so if you want you can reduce the sugar.
    • The pottukadalai can also be roasted before powdering. Make sure you roast in medium flame without changing its colour.
    • I made only 1/2 the quantity mentioned above in the recipe.

Store it in an airtight container, it can stay good for 10 days!


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  1. Looks yum and perfect ...fab pics

  2. Such a yummm sweet Raks... Will defnly make it for diwali

  3. Good .. will definitely try

  4. Easy yet very delicious laddoos. ..love them

  5. Nice recipe and lovely clicks..ladoo looks tempting!

  6. Nice laddu. We also make it with roasted moong dal in the same procedure. Tastes yumm too.

  7. The plate used for presentation & the clay lamps grab attention. Lovely laadu's. Photography is truely professional :-)

  8. Hi,
    Can we not grind both fried gram and sugar together?

  9. The ladoos look so moist in your photo..but for me it turned to be dry. What must be the reason?

    1. Little more ghee would have solved the problem. A tsp or two :)


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