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Saturday, October 4, 2014

This weekend also its a North Indian lunch menu Blushing, coz Vj is working this weekend and we both are very much comfortable with this simple NI lunch. Navratri is over and I am so content and happy that I could pull it up keeping kolu without skipping after our trip to Vietnam. Vietnam trip was quite good and the 5 days break from routine life was much needed and no cooking mainly Happy. But the 5 days work put together in the past two days for golu arrangements, cleaning for saraswathi poojai and all those things. I am sure all of you are enjoying this long weekend. Are you gearing up for Diwali already? Shopping for cloths and planning Diwali celebrations with sweets and snacks must have started. Wait for Diwali recipes from Rak’s kitchen from next weekCool. I won't be flooding with recipes, but sure won't disappoint you as well, as usual!
This week’s lunch menu has sweet corn pulao, aloo paratha, palak paneer along with curd and pickle.

Palak paneer, Sweet corn pulao, Aloo paratha

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 30 mins     |  Cook time: 45 mins     |  Serves: 2
  1. Soak basmati rice in warm water. Make dough for aloo paratha. I made just 2 for us. I microwaved potato for the stuffing.
  2. Clean spinach(palak). Chop onion, tomato for palak paneer and keep other ingredients like mint, coriander, garlic, ginger and green chillies ready. Keep paneer cubes immersed in hot water until use.
  3. Grind for corn pulao. Prepare corn pulao first and let it be cooked in a stove.
  4. Fry palak, green chilli and let it be aside. Temper and continue making palak paneer. While tomatoes are being cooked, you can grind the palak.
  5. Prepare palak paneer, by now pulao also will be ready. Fluff it and keep aside.
  6. Lastly prepare aloo paratha hot when you are ready for lunch.

Serve with dahi and pickle for paratha. Easy lunch ready for your family. I say it easy coz corn is frozen, paneer for gravy, so only chopping onion, tomato and garlic peeling is work. 2 aloo parathas can be made in a jiffyBatting Eyelashes.

Check out the recipe links.
  1. Aloo paratha recipe
  2. Palak paneer recipe
  3. Corn pulao recipe
You can also make boondi raita to go well with aloo paratha if you have boondi in your hand. Jeera rice, jeera cashew pulao, mix veg pulao can also be made in place of corn pulao.

Have a great weekend Happy

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  1. Raks neenga kooda no cooking na jolly beengala.Interesting .

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  2. Platter looks really inviting Raji

  3. Love the combo...looks very inviting!


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