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Sunday, November 16, 2014

easy sunday breakfast idea Indian
For those who have breakfast cereals and breads in weekdays, we try to make weekend breakfast something special and elaborate. If you have idli dosa batter at home and make something traditional breakfast everyday, weekends we can have a break from the routine and make something easy for you as well as different from the usual routine. For me some Sundays, I really want to break the regular routine breakfasts of idli, dosa, pongal, poori, upma so on and make something that I make rarely. So that it will be interesting for me too to make it, as well as easy for the lazy mornings. This could be perfectly matching for those situations. This whole week there was idli dosa batter and yesterday finally got over. There was a half loaf of bread too which had only 1 days remaining for expiry. So made use of those to fix today’s breakfast. Nothing to call as menu, its just an idea. Scroll down to the end of post for recipe links.

Sunday breakfast idea

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 20 Mins     |  Cook time:10 Mins    |  Serves: 3

  1. Microwaved a potato for the sandwich, meanwhile which sliced the veggies needed for the sandwich.
  2. I had green chutney ready in my fridge, so used that, if you don’t, plan accordingly and grind and keep it before day itself when you have leisure time.
  3. Start preheating the toaster and start arranging the sandwich and put it inside packed.
  4. Meanwhile you can cut some fresh fruits that is your family’s favorite. I slow roasted some badam/ almonds in pan.
  5. Lastly when the sandwich is ready, make hot chocolate and serve your family.

easy sunday breakfast idea Indian

Check out the recipes :
  1. Aloo sandwich recipe
  2. Green chutney recipe
  3. Hot chocolate recipe
You can also check this Soya kheema toast. Fruits can also be replaced with some fruit juices or milkshakes, skipping hot chocolate.

If your hubby is a coffee lover, check out how to make filter coffee. Or if you want a ginger cardamom tea.

Hot chocolate can be replaced with red velvet hot chocolate.

Happy SundayHappy.

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  1. Thats the pretty one :D i always love to have.

  2. very quick and appealing breakfast idea! love it!

  3. Super filling breakfast rajii

  4. Perfect breakie on a lazy weekend.....

  5. Super sunday sandwich!!! love it


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