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Friday, November 7, 2014

Kodo millet (Tamil: Varagu; Hindi: Kodra;  Telugu: Arikelu; Kannada: Harka). I have posted few millet recipes and with varagu, I posted varagu kanji and varagu adai. This varagu pulav is one I tried latest to add on to the millet recipes. Thanks to Abhirami for the idea for this recipe. When she handed over the millets, she was kind enough to share few recipes too and this is one among those. Yet a lot of millet recipes and ideas are yet to line up every friday, so stay tuned for the healthy recipes using millets. If you are in Singapore and looking for buying millets, you can contact Bhairavi Naturals. Its organic too!
I was bit doubtful to try this, but when I finished cooking and opened the cooker, I was so happy to see the fluffy pulaoBatting Eyelashes. And taste wise, no compromise as well when compared to the regular pulao. So if you are looking for different ways to include millets in you cooking, this is one to start with.

Varagu pulao | Kodo millet recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Serves: 2


Varagu/ Kodo millet - 1 cup

Water - 1 & 1/2 cups

Chopped Carrot, beans, green peas - 1 cup

Onion - 1

Ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp

Green chilli - 2

Mint leaves - 12

Salt - As needed

To temper

Ghee/ oil - 3 tblsp

Cinnamon - 1 inch piece

Fennel seeds/ soambu/ saunf - 1 tsp

Bay leaf - 1


  1. Heat a small pressure cooker with oil/ ghee. In medium flame, add cinnamon, fennel, bay leaf. Do not let fennel change its colour. Add onion and give it a stir. Add ginger garlic paste.
  2. 1-kodo-millet
  3. Fry for a minute in medium flame. Add the chopped veggies, mint leaves. Fry in medium flame for about 2 mins. You can add a little salt for the veggies.
  4. 2-varagu
  5. Add washed, drained millet to it and mix well. Let it dry. Flame should always in medium.
  6. 3-varagu
  7. Add water, salt and bring to boil. mix well and cook for a whistle in medium or low flame or in low flame possible for 12 mins. My stove allows me to put the flame to lowest, so I kept for 12 mins in cooker, no whistle.
  8. 4-varagu


    • Use fresh ginger garlic paste for best flavor. Mint, fennel adds a nice flavor, so do not skip it.
    • Do not fry in high flame at any stage as it will change the colour of the pulao.
    • Also while cooking the millets, let the flame be low to ensure even cooking.

Serve hot with onion raita. Fluffy, tasty, flavorful pulao Love Struck


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  1. I do often this . varagu generally fluff up well . Lovely millets.

  2. I love this pulao, recently exploring many things with millets. Quite interesting. Beautiful clicks

  3. you have cooked the millet perfectly fluffy. love this pulao!

  4. Shd definitely try ths one...looks differnt nd yummy too...healthy food

  5. Nice....I think its really good for health.I usually go through ur receipes really wonderful.Can you tell me "Kodo millet " the name in Malayalam.

    1. It's called koovaragu in malayalam Jinshi. Thanks for the info on Bhairavi naturals Raks. I was sourcing it from India all this while.

    2. Koovaragu is ragi, not kodo millet.

  6. tried this today. Came out very well. Also tried bisi bela with millers. both came out well and like you say no compromise on taste

  7. Hi Arama, any other millets that you would suggest for making Pulav ??

    1. Barnyard millet/ kuthiraivali or little millet (samai) will work.


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