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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We usually make pori urundai mainly for karthigai deepam. That too, nel pori urundai and aval pori urundai. Arisi pori urundai is made just for snacking. Other than pori urundai, we make a sweet appam. Mostly it will be instant wheat flour appam with banana. Nei appam is not made in our family. When I was going through my old cook book I have, I saw this rava paniyaram and wanted to try for long time. So today I thought of posting this since this can be made for karthigai deepam coming up on 5th this friday. It is very easy to make, and can be made instantly. No grinding nothing. Tastes so good and it has my favorite rava/ sooji/ semolina in itHappy. The book recipe asked to deep fry, I tried in paniyaram pan.

Rava paniyaram recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweet
Prep Time: 30 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Makes: 15


Rava - 1/2 cup

Grated coconut - 1/2 cup

Jaggery, powdered - 1/2 cup

Maida - 3 tblsp

Cardamom - 1, powdered

Salt - A pinch

Cooking soda - A generous pinch

Banana, optional - 1/2

Ghee/ oil - For frying


  1. Soak rava minimum 1/2 an hour. I soaked for long time. Drain water, add all the other ingredients and mix well. If you think your jaggery is having impurities, make syrup with less water and filter to remove the impurities and use the jaggery syrup. Careful with water quantity.
  2. Rava paniyaram recipe step 1
  3. Heat paniyaram pan, fill each shallow with 1/2 tsp oil/ ghee and pour the batter to fill 3/4th in each shallow.
  4. Rava paniyaram recipe step 2
  5. Cook covered in low flame, flip and cook until golden in colour.
  6. Rava paniyaram recipe step 3


    • If using banana, mash it well and mix along with other ingredients in step 1. It gives softer results.
    • You can make the same with sugar too. But I love the jaggery flavor.

Tastes super delicious. This can be perfect as evening snack for kids when they are back from school.


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  1. Stunning paniyaram dear!! My mom used to make the exact version of yours...

  2. Rava paniyaram seems vry delicious,gonna try on deepam day....love ur first click,vry traditional.

  3. Think I'll try on Friday...how long will they keep? Do I need to refrigerate?

    1. Since we are using coconut only one day shelf life. Otherwise, you may need to refrigerate for keeping good for more time.

  4. Hi, is there a way to make this sweet without a paniyaram pan?

    1. Yeah you can sure make the same by deep frying in oil.

  5. Looks delicious :) can I try this without cooking soda?

  6. Of course can. Make sure to make it smaller and use banana.

  7. Instant Rava Paniyaram Sounds interesting ....

  8. pls show how to make icecream cake like the ones at Ibaco. thank you

  9. My MIL do the same preparation..

  10. Tried it without coconut. Tastes Sooooooo yummy!

  11. Replies
    1. The idea in this recipe is to use rava. If you want you can adapt my wheat flour appam and use maida instead.


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