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Saturday, December 27, 2014

A simple lunch menu with my favorite tomato peas pulao. I both love to have it as well as cook it. Its easy to make too. I made this menu last week along with thayir vadai. So thought of clicking this for lunch menu post too. I made the potato curry with fresh ground masala, you can replace it with any vegetable side dish you like. Check out the link for the recipes
  1. Tomato peas pulao recipe
  2. Potato curry with fresh ground masala
  3. Curd rice recipe 
  4. Curd vada recipe

You can check the other old posts of tomato bhat and tomato rice too. Check out other vegetable side dishes.

Tomato peas pulao, curd rice, potato curry - Lunch menu 53

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category:Lunch
Prep Time: 3 Hrs     |  Cook time: 1 hr    |  Serves: 3
  1. I made ready the thayir vadai first that day as I wanted to make a post. You can make vadais ahead or even use leftover vadais.
  2. So as you prepare breakfast, you can first soak for vadai, once breakfast work is done, grind for vadai and prepare vadais.
  3. Prepare curd vadai and set aside.
  4. Soak rice for pulao and cut potato, onion, tomato. Keep all the other ingredients ready. Gring masala for curry and keep that too ready.
  5. Cook plain rice for curd rice. Other side cook tomato pulao.
  6. Lastly prepare potato curry and fry vadams.



  1. What a lovely meal that looks like! All the food groups! :D

  2. that is a delicious meal!!! such a yummy combo!!

  3. very tempting platter n awesome clicks as usual :) one thing raks. ther seems to be a typo in point 4. u meant 'grind masala', ryt??

    1. Yes will update thanks for pointing out :)

    2. Yes will update thanks for pointing out :)

  4. your lunch series is such a boon Raks. lovely way to plan your meals. thanks for this beautiful combo.


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