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Monday, February 16, 2015

puri for chaats
I have posted pani puri puri recipe in my sev puri recipe itself. But the post is too long with sev puri recipe, sweet dates tamarind chutney recipe and this puri recipe. So thought making a separate post. I have many chaat recipes pending to post, my lazinessStriaght Face, I make very rarely but that time too I will be too tired to click and impatient me and Aj will finish eating it Cool. This time I am determined to post few. So stay tuned.
Puri for pani puri

Coming to this puri recipe, in India, we get these puris ready made, so we can always buy it easily and make chaats at home. Also I saw few instant ready to fry and puff puris too available. Just like papad, we can fry when ever needed. But here its hard to find quality pani puri puris. I have bought only once before and it was not fresh. So homemade puris are the only choice. With two chaat lovers at home, its worth making at home Winking.

Puri for pani puri and other chaats

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snack
Prep Time:30 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins    Makes: 40


Rawa/ Sooji/ Semolina - 1/2cup

Maida/all purpose flour - 1 tblsp

Warm water or plain soda - 1/4 cup

Salt - As needed


  1. Sprinkle warm water/Soda just enough needed and make a crumbly looking sooji as shown in the picture. Then add maida and knead well for 10 minutes and add a tsp of oil towards the end.
  2. 1-pani-puri
  3. The dough should be stiff and smooth,so better be careful while adding water and maida. (adding more maida or water will take long time for the poori to get crispy).Keep aside for 15 minutes. Roll in the dough on a  clean counter top.Roll very very thin,it was bit hard for me,but still its possible.
  4. 2-pani-puri
  5. Cut into small rounds using a lid(I used my mini coffee filter’s lid). Take out the rest, of the dough and roll, knead again with the rest of the dough and repeat to finish all the dough.
  6. 3-pani-puri
  7. Heat oil and when hot, fry the pooris. Immerse the puris with ladle in oil to make it puff nicely. If oil is hot only the puri will puff. Once puffed, put the flame in low and cook over medium flame till crisp.
  8. 4-puri


    • While deep frying, use enough oil.
    • Oil must be super hot while you drop the puris. Later once puffed up nicely, then put the flame to low and cook for few minutes until golden.
    • You must be patient to cook the puris to get it crisp, cannot cook in high flame and get the result. Only low flame cooking will work.
    • I sometimes add a tblsp of rice flour too for crispiness though it is not authentic.
You can store in airtight container for a week.
puri recipe for chaats

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  1. Perfect pooris..I'm craving for Pani Puri now!

  2. hi ,
    Also I use roti maker for fast version as just press and fry. and if you put all puris in preheated oven @ 75 c - lowest temp. for 20 mins.. it will take all moisture out and will be very crispy. .

  3. So easy omg i wanna try this!

  4. How much water is needed to make dough? Is it necessary to add soda? I dont understand the point where you have mentioned plain water /soda

  5. do you mean club soda or baking soda powder?

  6. Yesterday only we saw your "pani puri"recipe.You have given all the essential tips to make it successfully at their homes by your followers. Our hearty congrats for achieving 32 k likes.

  7. Superb very delicious and colouful

  8. Hello can I use wheat flour for poori?

  9. You can try, gets browned easily.

  10. In case if required how to prepare them for future use as we get from stores, ready made so we can just pick and fry and ideas

    1. I have not tried this so far. May be you can roll and freeze it in between butter papers and place it like a book in freezer (cling wrap the whole thing to prevent drying)

  11. Is the rava flour or without grinding we should use for the pooris

    1. I used rava as such. No grinding


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