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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Indian Sunday breakfast combo
This is just a combo rather menu. The classic combo of channa bhatura / Chole bhatura. Perfect for a lazy sunday to wake up leisurely and have a heavy fat breakfast cum lunch or call it as brunch. It will be heavy and filling that you need not worry about the lunch, you then have a tea time snack and an early dinner. I love channa bhatura, but when it comes to restaurants, I have tastes only very few times, I love their chole, especially at Kailash Parbhat which I tasted once, but the Bhatura always I love the home made ones better. Just for the sake of Oil. The restaurant ones are too oily. Though I like the chewy texture of the restaurant bhatura, the home made bhaturas are soft, less oily and stays soft even after cooling down. For a change I tried my friend’s version of Channa and it was yummy. Today we all had this for our breakfast cum lunch.  Check out the recipes

  1. Chole in pressure cooker
  2. Channa masala recipe (which you see here)
  3. Channa masala with coconut
  4. Pindi channa recipe
  5. Bhatura recipe (Which you see here)
  6. Bhatura recipe (Version 2)

You can also check the south indian poori and potato masala recipe. If you want a no onion no garlic aloo bhaji, check the recipe here.

Sunday Indian breakfast combo

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 12 + 3 Hrs (Overnight soaking + dough resting time)     |  Cook time:40 Mins    |  Serves: 4

  1. Soak channa overnight. On wake up, prepare the bhatura dough first. Later you can finish the other works and start preparing your breakfast.
  2. Pressure cook channa, a potato. Meanwhile finish chopping works and grinding part for the channa.
  3. When the channa is cooked, prepare the channa masala.
  4. Lastly, keep ready fresh cut onion, lemon wedge and chilli for serving and then when your family is ready for breakfast, roll the bhaturas while the oil is getting heated. Prepare hot bhature and serve the hungry family and yourself.

channa bhatura - Sunday breakfast

You can also add on a sweet like rava kesari, atta kesari or semiya kesari to make it more special.

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  1. Perfect sunday breakfast!

  2. wow.i made ur Mysore masala dosai and tiffin sambhar.It was a hit.

  3. Three hours to prepare????? Plus 40 minutes to cook??? No thank you!

    1. 12 hours overnight soaking, 3 hours dough resting time. Not all the time you have to completely dedicate to this :)

  4. Hi, i have learnt good recipes from your blog.. just a thought..
    if the idea of adding mashed potato is to thicken the gravy, it also works if we mash/grind few of the boiled channa and add to the gravy instead of potato..

  5. Your tiffin sambar is The Best


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