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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bajji platter

From my childhood, bajji is one of the snacks that mom makes for evening snack when ever the family is hungry. Not that often but when she makes it will be always a Bajji platter like this. Ours was a family of 6 with myself, bro, my parents and grandparents. So it does makes sense to make it as a platter to feed all of us. We skip dinner that day after this, of course. No KFC, no Mc Donalds,no Burger King, no Pizza hut etc; only this home made junk and I am sure all of you will agree this is lot more better when compared to the outside junk food in the restaurants. With fresh vegetables, our own not re-used oil and what else we need to be satisfied. Even MIL makes it as a platter when ever she makes. So this is best and simple snack we can make at home. It will be handy when someone comes home and no need to think too much, 15 minutes preparation time and 20 minutes cooking time. Make a chutney and with a tea/ coffee you can finish it. With world cup going on, try once for your family, friends relatives who visits home and enjoy the match Winking. Though I too make it this way, never thought of posting this, thanks again to Sangeeta my friend for insisting me to post.
I have made potato, plantain, brinjal, onion – the classics and chilli, paneer this time. Potato and paneer is my kid’s favorite. Though baby corn is his all time favorite, I had no stock.  Onion and plantain are Vj’s favorite. Brinjal and chilli is mine Happy.
Other veggies which is not here and can be used in usual conditions are Baby corn, capsicum, palak, cauliflower and also bread. There should be more choices which I don’t know, if you know please leave it as a comment.
Here are the links to the bajji/ Pakora recipes I have
  1. Plantain/ vazhakka bajji recipe
  2. Chilli/ molaga bajji recipe
  3. Palak pakora recipe
  4. Paneer pakora recipe
  5. Bread pakora recipe
  6. Cauliflower pakora recipe
  7. Baby corn fingers (bajji) recipe
  8. Coconut chutney recipe
  9. Ginger cardamom tea

Some notes to make perfect bajji
  • First thing is you need sharp knife to neatly slice the veggies. Onion definitely needs a sharp knife, otherwise before you cut a slice, the rings will be separate.
  • The vegetables can be sliced thick or thin, but I slice it thin as it is easy to cook.
  • If the batter is too thick, it will be too dry to eat also gets long time to cook inside. Wont be tasty.
  • If batter is too runny, it will drink too much oil.
  • Adding a tsp of ghee or a tblsp of hot oil from the kadai to the batter will enhance taste also will drink less oil.
  • Adding ajwain, jeera and asafoetida will help in digestion as well as flavor to the bajji.
  • Drink a chaas or hot ginger tea or atleast a cup of hot water for easy digestion in case you over eat.
  • Need enough oil for the bajjis to puff up nicely.

Have a nice weekend! Happy

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  1. Aiyo paarkave nalla irukku.Try apple and appalam.I am following you all and alukaama samaika kathukitten Saving some dollars too.Today made and posted Gole Baje.

  2. Even now when raw banana is available,amma makes it.If bajji chillies are available,i used to buy when Chitra & Sendhil come.But some time,due to their hectic schedule,amma could n't do it.As you have said we always enjoy it.Some times occasionally I buy from Lakhsmi prakash hotel near new bus stand,they make it with fresh oil.5.30 to 6.45 is peak hour.Snacks business over takes normal hotel business as it is located separately.They also provide sprouted moong dhal& curd vadai with good tasty chutney & sambar.Every thing served hot.There will be always small que to buy tokens.This would also save amma's kitchen work.Filter cof.is also available.Ragi & wheat item for diabetes group is also available.Price is also cheaper.

  3. Include Potato too!!!!!

    1. There is potato bajji in the platter, but I have not posted the recipe separately that's it ;)

  4. Perfect platter for a cold winter's day.

  5. pls show how to make gujarati sweet pickles. thkz

  6. Hi Raks!

    I got married recently to my man who loves south indian delicacies and you came in at the right moment like a rockstar! Just the way u mentioned in your "about me" section, I could relate a lot to being a Big Zero in cooking before marriage. In fact it so happened that my husband made fun of my gas stove managing skills :P I have been refering your website for each and everything we cook here and I must say that the way you describe the method of cooking every dish is so meticulous and simple at the same time.
    Thanks a ton. Keep writing. xoxo

    Love, Varsha

  7. HI,
    You can make bhajji with sorrakai.
    It just tastes awesome.


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